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MIKA @ Razzmatazz, Barcelona, SPAIN - 20 November 2012: REPORTS/PICS/VIDEOS


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Girls, your photos and reports amazing!!!! And your English is fine, although perhaps I'm not the most indicate to assure it. Ask Mika :wink2:

I was with Paula and Mikasister and totally agree with them! I'll only add 2 things:

1.- It was the first time I saw Mika from the front row and woooow!! :wub2: I'll never forget that, it was so stunnig see him dance... so moving see him singing the accoustic version of stardust... I love the way he interacts with the public. I was also in Lovebox and Heaven, and here Mika was more confident: we exchanged glances sometimes and that's such a great experience!:fangurl:

2.- Like always, I got a bit shy when Mika was signing autographs, I went there just cause I wanted to give him some presents, well, wanted to give it to his family because I met them at the Heaven disco and they were very kind. But we (Mika and I) began to chat and I forgot giving it :doh:, stupid as I am! :blush-anim-cl:


I was there since the morning but the time went away so fast!! I this is thank the wonderful people I met there and the time we spent writing and painting banners... It doesn't matter where you go, in every gig you find some great mikafans!!

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Well.. here I go!



First of all, I auditioned for the Polka Dot Choir and I was waiting for a mail... but they didn't send it. Waiting and more waiting, the day of the gig came, so, with no mail on my inbox, I had to queue...

I arrived at the venue at 8:20 or so, and there were just 6 people. My friends came a little bit later, at 9 AM, and then we were around 20. It was really really cold, and the moisture was killing me!

I started to feel bad, my head was about to explode, so I walked around the venue with a friend of mine looking for the sun to be warmed... then Joy arrived at 9:30. She went inside and dissapeared :P


At 12/13 PM we were around 30. It seems that people came too early or too late, because for hours the queue was paralized!

My friend was checking her mail every 30 minutes cuz she auditioned for the choir as well, and we didn't lose our hope... and suddenly, at 13:20 more or less, Alex sent us a mail. It was "URGENT"!

Alex told us there was a problem with our mails, but we were in the choir and we had to reply with a confirmation asap. We did it, and my headache dissapeared for a while! :aah: but 2 hours later, it came back... so I took a medicine to survive!

At 5 PM, we went inside the venue with Max... and we were just 5! 3 girls (2 friends of mine and me) and 2 boys. It was awesome, a little but energetic choir!

I asked Max and he told me this was so much better, because with 10-12 people is crazy... (But then in Madrid they were 12... :aah:)

So, we started to sing Celebrate with Max and Joy, and then Tim came to us and we had a little rehearsal in the backstage. Tim named me the choir leader. One of the boys has a very low voice, and Max and Joy were fascinated! their faces were brilliant everytime he sang! :aah:

Then we had a little break and 20 minutes later, we had a rehearsal again, but on stage. We sang We Are Golden and Grace Kelly.

Tim told us Mika will be there in 20 minutes and then we will have a little rehearsal again with him.

60 MINUTES LATER (:aah:) Mika appeared (and we were in the bathroom, nice :mf_rosetinted:) He was smiling, as always, and asked for our names.

Then we started singing Love You When I'm Drunk. In the middle of the song, Mika gave me a piece of paper... it was the song in Spanish, but we only sang the chorus in Spanish: "Solo te quiero, yo te quiero con una copa de más!"




We were so excited, but he was even more!

Then we sang Popular and finally Relax. He was so charming during the rehearsal, and asked us for new "coreographies". I told him we had something prepared and he said "REALLY!? That's fantastic! DO IT!"

Our rehearsal was recorded by someone, I think he worked for the venue...

Then he had to do an interview, so we went outside to talk to our friends a bit.

We had an enormous room just for us, with bar, bathrooms and a bodyguard who looked after our stuff. We felt famous xD

After it, we went to the backstage, and Mama P was there. The backstage was so small... with 8 chairs and a table full of food and drinks, and then 4 doors: Mika's room, the band's room, a bathroom and another one... the misteriously one xD and we were there, sitting in the middle of the backstage with Mama P and everybody walking and running around us :aah:


We were chatting with Mama P about Catalonia and Spain (there's an independence process and everything is so complicated right now...) and then Mika came to us. I advised him not to say "Hello Spain" there, because some people could boo Mika... (They don't consider Catalonia is Spain) Mama P told him something like "you know, the indepen..." and Mika said "Do you think I'm new?" :aah:

Then I told him something I cant remember, but we Hi5 xD

A while later, we were ready to see the show, and Mika suddenly appeared behind my friend's back while saying "MIERDA! MUCHA MIERDA!" (Break a leg in Spanish)


Mama P told us we can see the show in the crowd, so we went there and enjoyed Relax & Lola, but then in Blue Eyes we went to the backstage again to put on our robes.

We hit the stage in Popular. People didn't expect a "choir" and there was an explosion of joy in the audience! It was awesome!

Mika respected the setlist almost until the end, in Grace Kelly we had to sing with him but he started the song earlier with his piano. I told the guy who helps the choir that we had to sing that one and he didn't know what to do! Max looked at us and shook his head. But then Mika stopped playing the piano and we thought the song was over (he only sang a little bit) but then the band started to play GK all together, so now we could go on stage again. And we did it... DOING THE CONGA! :aah: that was one of my ideas, and finally it was amaaaazing. When Mika realized what we were doing, he stopped singing because he was laughing! It was hilarious!

And then in OOL we went on stage like "praying" with our hands together. Mika looked at us and he did the same, falling on his knees. Then he said "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, they are inn

ocents! How do you say pure in Spanish? Well... It doesn't matter cuz they're not..."

Then he said it looked like a Crazy Church, and he named a priest and a God in the crowd :naughty:

And during that song I had another surprise. We hid some heart post-it under our robes and at the end of the song we showed them and put them in our forehead. Mika saw it and he came to us again smiling, reading the messages we wrote on them (they were funny messages and poems). Then he took one of the hearts and he put it in his hat, like we did. He was enjoying the show and we knew it!


The last 4 songs were a mess! We didn't know which song was the next one because he was playing whatever he wanted to play :mf_rosetinted:

We went off the stage after Celebrate I think, and Max was next to us, so I asked him if we were going to sing another one... and he told me "I have no ideaaaaaaaaaa :aah::aah:"

But we did it. I think we sang We Are Golden and then Lollipop, which was not on the setlist but we sang it the last one.

The crowd showed some banners with "Gracias" on them, and it looked amazing. People were euphoric and we were so ***** happy and full of energy! We said goodbye dancing.


Then, backstage again. The band couldn't stop greeting us. Mama P came while saying "I LOVED THE CONGAAAAAAA You were amazing, thank you!!!! But the conga was awesome!!!!!!"

Wow man! she was really happy! :aah:



Then Mika came to us, he said we rocked the stage. He told us he was in a hurry because there was a M&G after with 20 people or so... but we spent a long time with him!

I asked him for a funny pic and he did it! :aah:

and then everybody wanted a funny pic as well... so when the last one was waiting for his pic, Mika asked him : "Ok, what's your suggestion?" :aah:

Then we took 2 groupal pics and he started to sign our stuff. He said thank you a thousand times and then goodbye...


We divided the setlist into 4 and then we spend some time with Max and Tim. We took some pics and talked about the gig a little bit!

(I've fallen in love with Max, btw xD)

And then Joy, lovely woman :huglove: Felix was walking around with just a towel... :teehee:


And finally, we had to go, so we said goodbye to everybody, Mama P was there saying gb one by one, and that's all!


Mika went outside 30 minutes later and he did another "M&G", as usual. He stayed there for 10-15 minutes.


Aaaand that's all! What an amazing experience! it has been the best gig of my life... singing with him on stage has been awesome.


The Choir with him:




and my pic with Mika!:



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Thank you, Alba, for your media and all your information! I always enjoy your king and sincere reports and stuff!

Ha - as I see, he was in more simple shoes, than in Madrid :naughty:


He thrown the sticks right near my place, and 2 boys started seriously fight for them! So, you were lucky to get it!


He should have worn the scarf... Reckless boy :no:

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Thank you, Alba, for your media and all your information! I always enjoy your king and sincere perorts and stuff!

Ha - as I see, he was in more simple shoes, than in Madrid :naughty:


He thrown the sticks right near my place, and 2 boys started seriously fight for them! So, you were lucky to get it!


He should have worn the scarf...Reckless boy :no:



Thank you! :huglove: I thought the same :naughty:

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I hate when someone does things like this. It is such a lack of respect!


It was a young girl who went with her mother and they were queuing with us. When she told me what he wanted throw the undies to Mika I said I didn't like that but...she did it :sneaky2: but Mika's face says it all :mf_rosetinted:

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