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Pen Buddies on MFC


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Okay! Here we go again!!
I remade this thread (with permission) so that it can be updated regularly, as to keep everything running smoothly again! Now, I am restarting fresh, so if you are currently paired with someone, just let me know. I can add you to the list! But this seemed pretty dead, so let's get these letters rolling!

As many of you know, a pen buddy is someone you exchange (HANDWRITTEN) letters with. You can be from clear across the world, the country, or even just the town! Honestly, if you are interested in exchanging formal e-mails, I think I will allow that also. I understand that some people don't have the time or the means to write, stamp, and send enveloped letters. So if you are interested in sending e-mails, just let me know and I can set you apart. You are welcome to send little things from your country, drawings, photos, ect.! It's up to you! Just post here if you would like to join, and if you have a preference as to where your partner is from! If you notice that someone is in both blue and red, that is not on accident! They would like to be paired with more than one person! So feel free to ask ANYONE in the red! Okay! Ready, set, go!!

The people in the red are waiting to be chosen, and those in the blue have been partnered up! If you see someone on the red list that you would like to be partnered with, just PM or write a message on their profile! If you work something out, just message me somehow and I will put you guys in blue! If there are little stars next to their name, that means they prefer to just connect through e-mail!

KiwiMikaFreak (New Zealand)
*BiaIchihara (Brazil)


Hannekj (Norway) - Amye the mika fan <3 (Northern Ireland) 

Hannekj (Norway) - Amywings (France)

Amywings (France) - Amye the mika fan <3 (Northern Ireland)

Please do not put you address here or on someone's profile. Make sure it is in a direct message of some sort that is not seen by the general public. :wink2:

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