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Sup Y'all, you know what to do :glasses3:

One of you mods can delete the old thread :fisch:



Just in case you can't see the video ( I never got the hang of embeding :aah: )



Doctor Who cat :aah:





Can't forget our MIKA now can we!




Pretty good for a first time, huh :teehee:

(I'm also making # 30 :mf_rosetinted: )

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I'm just telling you the truth I saw your post and I ignored them, but that's not because it was you, it's just because I didn't have time to talk to someone. And then you can think whatever you want...

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A lot more movies are starting to be filmed in my state because its cheap to film here. :mf_rosetinted:


Ryan Gosling is directing the movie so I'll be able to stalk him too. Two for one. :naughty:


Stop making me jealous :sneaky2: xD

It's now I wished I lived in the USA :aah:

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hi guys! would you mind voting for my entry to the doodle competitions on FB? here's the link and image. THANK YOU FELLOW MFC-ERS. :))))))))))


I'm sorry if I posted this three times though. :(:)


Hi there... The reason for the "vote for me thread" is so people don't post their request in multiple threads, as that would be considered spamming.


Good luck with your doodle though

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