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MIKA for JBC - 2013


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I don't know if this was posted yet: http://www.rtl.be/pourlui/article/mika-prend-la-pose-pour-jbc-194440.htm#.UVrsxnEtmgg.twitter


Mika prend la pose pour JBC


Le chanteur Mika, connu pour ses musiques mais aussi pour son look trendy, pose pour la collection été 2013 de JBC. Une gamme élégante qui apporte une touche "So British" à la chaîne de mode belge.


À l’intersection entre la musique et la mode, l’Angleterre et la Belgique se trouve la nouvelle collection "Mika for JBC".


Le chanteur de "Grace Kelly" a toujours entretenu une passion certaine pour la mode, et en particulier pour le style britannique, coloré et preppy qu’il arbore fièrement. Un look qui a tapé dans l’œil de la marque belge JBC qui n’a pas résisté à lui proposer une collaboration afin de créer une gamme de vêtements en vogue.


La collection estivale dévoile des pantalons clairs, des t-shirts aux couleurs flashy et des chemises légères à l’image des tenues de Mika.


Afin de découvrir la collection "Mika for JBC", rendez-vous au mois de mai dans tous les magasins de la marque.


JBC is one of the largest chains of clothing-stores in Belgium and Luxembourg http://www.jbc.be/fr




Mika collection:





Articles + pics:






video of Mika presenting his collection + pics:http://www.lavenir.net/article/detail.aspx?articleid=DMF20130506_00306958


A lovely interview from MNM Radio http://www.mnm.be/artikel/mika-aan-de-lijn


This is what they showed on the evening news today:











Video interview @ Belgian TV

Don't know if I should open a new thread for it but Mika was interviewed for Flash - RTBF (a Belgians TV)

He's on at 38:06 minutes http://www.rtbf.be/video/emissions/detail_flash?pid=5695 and he talks about JBC


Elodie de Sélys ‏@edselys 10 May

SCOOP #closer #voici #sextape Vais-je réussir à faire changer Mika de bord? Réponse demain dans #flashrtbf... pic.twitter.com/aj1SIFITo5



Elodie de Sélys ‏@edselys 6 May

Love today ! #flashrtbf pic.twitter.com/SrnXr9d4Nu




Here is the translation of the interview posted by Lucrezia:


-You are taking your first steps in fashion.

-Not necessarily my first steps, on my own, yes it's my first steps.

- On your own, like a big boy.

- Like a big boy. A big 30 year old boy.

- You tried to add your personality to this, but more globally, in an ideal world, what would you like to fashion to be like? More chic, quirkier, more fun?

- I think that in an ideal world.. First of all I'm not a fan of 4 times a year collections. I think it puts so much pressure on people. Of course it's good for business and industry but this idea that there is a new collection every few months, I find it so hard.

- Less in quantity, more in quality.

- Less in quantity, more in quality, in the history of each piece of clothing, for example when you think a bit more about objects, it dematerializes the clothes. It becomes something about style, a personal style that we can develop without thinking about a brand or a total look or a collection or a season because seasons change so much now that fashion is almost scary from time to time in my opinion.


- If in an ideal world clothes had a different power, what would it be?

- It's funny because the idea of having another power, it's an idea that I loved in my collection, there are secret messages written in every piece, in trousers, in the girls, in the women lines. There's a jacket for women that says 'Beware, anything can happen when you put this on you', so it becomes a bit of a magical object. For men, it's a little bit different, I put on some trousers a message that says 'Now the only challenge is to find someone to show this label to tonight'. It means that if you are showing this label or sharing this, we are not necessarily wearing...

- Not wearing the trousers anymore..

- Exactly. If I put this on women clothes it will be a disaster.

- So some humour in fashion.

- You always need humour in fashion.


- You have different nationalities, you have lived in various countries, in an ideal world, shouldn't we all be a bit like you, a mix of several things, it could be a solution?

- That's funny because when you have curly hair you want straight hair. And the other way around. I come from nowhere and I've always thought, it would be so good to come from one place, one village, with one school, and one childhood home and one tree where you kiss somebody for the first time. A whole story, some roots. I don't have this at all. I'm the opposite. This identity crisis that you can have when you come from nowhere can be very destructive. So I thought I'm not going to let something like this destroy me. I'm going to create my own universe, my own identity. We are 5 kids in my family and we are all artists or designers because when you come from nowhere you have to create your own universe.


-You'll be 30 this year. So, ideally, what would you like to do in this decade, if you could do anything, what would you like to fulfill?

-I would ask a very rich man like Abramovitch to lend me, because I know that he has an A380 plane, it's such a waste, I don't think he has such a huge family, I do have a huge family, I've got all my family in Lebanon, in the US, everywhere, so we would take Abramovitch's A380 all around the world to collect all my family and friends and we go on a small island somewhere and we have a party. The reality of this would be a nightmare. We'll probably shut down a pub somewhere in London, close the door, the curtains, and we'll have a party and make music for 5 hours. This kind of things are often the best. We don't need Abramovitch's A380.



On another note, but still on topic, I'm just back from a JBC shop, really happy with what I got, I could totally have bought that without it being related to Mika, it was really my taste :thumb_yello:

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Is he going to be a guest designer or a model for this label? :blink:


I think the way he dresses is the inspiration behind the collection. I guess he might do a photoshoot, like with Lozza.

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Is he going to be a guest designer or a model for this label? :blink:

He's going to create his own collection for men,women and teens,from what I got,the "Mika for JBC" collection,and it will be available in stores from the beginning of May :wink2:


Another article: JBC collabore avec Mika! http://www.cinetelerevue.be/fr/mika-jbc.html?cmp_id=7&news_id=21843&vID=3




La chaîne belge de vêtements s'associe avec le Libano-Britannique Mika, chanteur à succès notamment connu pour ses tubes "Relax, take it easy" et "Grace Kelly".


L'amour pour l'art du chanteur Mika ne s'arrête pas à la musique. Toujours trendy et élégant, Mika est aussi passionné de mode et il affectionne d'ailleurs tout particulièrement la mode belge.


JBC a donc permis à Mika de créer sa propre collection de vêtements en collaboration avec ses boutiques de mode. Hommes, femmes et jeunes filles pourront se créer un look 100 % Mika.


Au programme, des accents britanniques, de chouettes slogans ainsi que des éléments propres à l'image du chanteur.


La collection Mika for JBC sera disponible dès le début du mois de mai dans tous les magasins.



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Zanger MIKA ontwerpt voor JBC




De Belgische modeketen JBC kondigt een samenwerking aan met zanger MIKA. De Britse popster ontwierp een volledig nieuwe collectie voor JBC waarbij hij zich inspireerde op zijn eigen preppy stijl.


MIKA die bekend werd door de hit ‘Relax, take it easy’, ontwierp exclusief voor JBC zijn eigen kledingcollectie voor vrouwen, heren én jonge meisjes. De altijd stijlvolle en modieuze wereldster heeft al een lange tijd een passie voor Belgische mode en daaruit ontstond deze unieke samenwerking. Wat je zeker mag verwachten is de bekende preppy stijl van MIKA vertaald in een collectie vol met Britse accenten en leuke slogans.


De ‘MIKA for JBC’ collectie ligt vanaf mei in alle JBC-winkels. (JJ)






So, Mika designed a collection for JBC. There will be a collection for women, men and 'young girls'. They haven't specified if this is a collection for children or teenage girls. What we can expect: preppy style, british accents and fun slogans. The collection will be in stores from May.


I never set foot in a JBC store, maybe I'll give it a go now :mf_rosetinted:

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"Mika takes a pose for RTL"


The singer Mika, known for his musics but also for his trendy look pose for the summer 2013 collection. An elegant range who brings a "so British" to the chain of Belgian fashion.


At the intersection of the music and the mode, the England and the Belgium takes place the new collection "Mika for JBC".


The singer of "Grace Kelly" always maintained a certain passion for the mode, and in particular for the British style, colored and preppy who wears proudly. A look that has caught the eyes of the Belgian brand JBC, who did not resist to propose a collaboration to create a range of clothing in vogue.


The summer collection reveals light trousers, t-shirt with flashy colors and light shirts with the image of Mika required.


To discover the collection "Mika for JBC", appointment in May in all stores of the brand.

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"JBC collaborates with Mika!"


Belgian chain of clothing associates with the Lebanon-British Mika, a successful singer best known for his hits "Relax, take it easy" and "Grace Kelly".


The love for art of the singer Mika do not stop at the music. Always trendy and elegant, Mika is also passionate about fashion and also particularly fond of Belgian fashion.


JBC has enabled Mika to create his own clothing collection in collaboration with its fashion boutiques. Mens, womens and young girls will be able to create a look 100% Mika.


Program, British accents, nice slogans and elements to the singer's image.


The collection "Mika for JBC" will be available at the beginning of May in all stores.

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