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Another good episode. It was good to see that the rumour about Ben Stark turning up in Bran and Meera's storyline, is true. I think he'll be a good addition to the characters.

I was very happy to see Arya finally get Needle out from under the rocks. I'm sure she'll re-claim her identity and use Needle again, and now that Sam has taken his own miserable dad's valarian steel sword, the weaponry of GoT is coming along nicely.

I had to laugh when Margery and Tommon turned the tables on the Lannisters and Tyrells. Tommon seems to be growing a pair at last, although his wife Margery's pair are bigger than his will ever be, but it was so good to see Cersei and Jamie thwarted before they had a chance to act.

I was very happy to see Drogon again. It's high time we had some dragon-action. Drogon is bigger and more fierce.

Everything is coming along well with the story arcs of GoT. I'm thrilled with the season so far.

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I just finished the series. I'm late. 

I got the first book for my birthday when it came out, but I was too young to understand it then (or read). So after years of trying to iginore it, I decided to give it a chance. AND I LOVED IT! <3

Is anyone else so eager to know what will happen in the next season?

I have so many questions that have to be explained.  

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I'm curious how it will end. I'm rather dissapointed in this season so far though, there's just something I don't like. 


I think Dany will kill Jon (because he's a threat to her throne), then Arya will kill Dany. And Sansa will end up on the throne :glasses2:  I can be totally wrong offcourse :aah: 

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I like your version of the Jon Dany Arya triangle.  The usual J kills D doesn’t feel right to me. But in all these scenarios, what does Drogon do?


After episode 4 I was expecting Dany to do something unspeakable that shocked her into going back to Daario and Meereen where she was loved (Daario probably being more tolerant than Jon about irrational burning alive episodes) leaving the way open for Jon and then Sansa.


Now :dunno: Meereen probably won’t want her, and Jon and all who fought for her won’t be welcome in King’s landing. Leaving Sansa or (please no!) Bran. For me, SOMEONE has to win - they can burn the throne down or usher in a democracy in their coronation speech if they must


I thought the last episode was rushed, and didn’t like the series of iffy decisions from Jon, Tyrion and Varys, but loved both the Battle and the 3 quiet subtle episodes. But I’d spotted the signs of Dany losing her grip, noted that Arya had already become bessie mates with someone on her kill list and forgotten about the Mountain (besides, she deserves a happy ending). Neither was I surprised Jamie went back to the woman he’d been with for over 30 years (and was his twin)


[And the headline “Parents who named their daughters Khaleesi respond to episode 5” has been cracking me up all week. Although the fact that one said “she hasn’t really done anything wrong” is a bit worrying,]


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