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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MIKA !!! Hope you will have a wonderful 30th birthday - and that you will keep up with your good work in the years ahead. THANK YOU for being such an important person in my life since early 2007 - and for everything you do - you're a true blessing ...




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Hey Mika !!!

I wish you the best 30th bday !!! :original:






Thank you so much for makin all of your fans so happy during these years and I hope you'll keep doing it during the next ones !!!


We all love you and your music very much !!! :wub2:


Have a wonderful day !!!!!!



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Few years ago I couldn't even say to my friends that I liked your music because it was too different... All I cared about was to be like others.


But you've always been just yourself so I decided that I'm not gonna live my life being someone else than just me. So thank you for being you and


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Happy Birthday Mika by @MM_hodu , MIKAHOLIX design manager :thumb_yello:



And Live Your Life Fan video, by MIKAHOLIX Project #Sanmikael Team



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Happy Birthday dear Mika :blush-anim-cl:


Hope you have the best birthday EVER!!


I cannot believe you are 30!! You were only 22 back then!! Crazy how time flies... thanks for all the joy all these years. Everybody rides on the Karma Train.. for the joy you bring you know where you're heading... :wink2:



Take care.. much love :huglove: from me.

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I wish you the happiest of birthdays Mika! :yay:


You for sure have made me much happier in the last 4 years; through your music, gigs and meetings with your fans. I'm incredibly happy today that you liked our gift, I feel an even bigger connection between you and us :wub2:


Have a great day and come back to us soon to share with us once again your more than amazing talent :happybday:

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