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This is the 2nd time Mika comes to Montreal right after being in Italy :naughty:

I remember during the taping of Tout le Monde en parle, thinking that a few days before, he was with YOU! :naughty:


hahahahaha! yes, I remember! :wub2:

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I bought it yesterday from Switzerland!    I kept looking for it for days. I live in Tunisia, and we don't get it here. So during my stay in Geneva I went into every single Swatch store looking for

The Making of MUMU   mumu-by-mika   Step inside MUMU's anthropomorphic evolution from Mika's 2013 Kukulaku totem mask design, and uncover the story behind this piece of functional art.  

Here it iiiiiiiiiis        I loooove it !!   

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Cristina Favento ‏@CristinaFavento 20m View translation

Indovinate un po' chi è arrivato a Trieste nel backstage di #ITScontest? Wow.... - #triestesocial #MIKA @mikasounds



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Oh, why is he doing this mustache thing again? We can pretend that he was in a hurry and just didn't have time to shave properly and it's gone tomorrow? Silly Mika... :naughty:


You are pulling a Robie :naughty: She was saying he just didn't have time to shave :aah: So he had time for his entire face, but not under the nose? :teehee:




Come on guys, it looks cool.


I'm not saying i like it, i'm not saying i don't like it... i'm just saying "It's there" :lmfao:

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