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MIKA Judging at the ITS Contest in Trieste, 11-12 July

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Mika and his sister Yasmine are in Trieste, judging the Artwork category at the International Talent Support contest, July 11-12.







At the International Talent Support event that took place in Trieste, Italy, ten ITS ARTWORK finalists presented their Swatch-inspired creations to an eclectic panel of jury members.

Discover ITS ARTWORK winner Virginia Burlina and all the highlights of the event.

Video: http://www.swatch.com/en/swatch-tv/3675692615001

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PDF file of PRESS REVIEW    Full version ( 623 pages ) ITS http://www.itsweb.org/img/press/ITS2014PressReview.pdf     a part of Mika ( 36 pages ) issuu.com http://

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#ilpiccolofamoda #itscontest Mika è qui e parla italiano meglio di me @il_piccolo @abollis pic.twitter.com/NXY6pvvkn2


She says: Mika is here and he speaks Italian better than me! :naughty:

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What month is this? Maybe he's growing a Movember... Oh no, couldn't be that it's only July... :naughty:

I should say - growing it for Movember, he's just starting it early to make sure it's good and thick by Movember.:aah:

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His hair are ok, I like his outfit. But I hate mustaches, even Mika can't make a mustache beautiful. :aah: It's the ugliest thing in the world (IMO). :teehee:

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Nice to see him and Yasmine :wub2:


I really hope we can have a report from him about this event :teehee: Would like to know if there is something he really likes in all what he saw.

It's continuing today, right?


About the mustache, I do hope he will keep it as he is obviously not hot with it :naughty: I hope that it will bring people to be more interested in what he does and creates than on his look :fisch:

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