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MIKA @ BBC Radio 2 , The Chris Evans Morning Show 05 June 2015 - from 8 a.m. UK time


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Chris Evans announced !!



Chris gets that Friday feeling going with Dom Joly, Emma Willis, Johnnie Walker and Mika, who plays live in the studio.


my recording 2015.06.04 http://vk.com/video232312753_171268885



Priscope ( Rehearsing at home )

2015.06.04 https://t.co/0g39QOdTJ0

https://youtu.be/VIYDnUvN4k4  uploaded by MikaFan Unicorns





AUDIO m4a DOWNLOAD link of 4 songs


AUDIO MP3 DOWNLOAD link of Interview, chatting and LIVE performance



It's a Firestrage D/L link. :wink2:






download password MFC






Getty  http://goo.gl/J1c6Z4


CONTACT Music http://goo.gl/WYJ7SC


REX  http://goo.gl/S6snZy


BBC R-2 http://goo.gl/pq5ZVu / http://goo.gl/nWJ3oD / http://goo.gl/2xDD4v


Instagram http://goo.gl/9DwOqn/ http://goo.gl/qcT2ch / http://goo.gl/ycvVV3





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Fantastic!!! The promotion begins!!

Emma Willis is there too, and she's my second favourite presenter (my favourite presenter is Rylan Clark, who actually works with Emma on Big Brother) I'd actually love for Mika to meet Rylan some day, as they'd get on so well. I hope Emma gushes about Mika to him. Then maybe they'll get to meet someday if Mika gets an invite to appear on Big Brother's Bit On The Side.

Looking forward to this, so much!!

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You are welcome.




"This programme will be available shortly after broadcast"


You may listen from  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05x1g8q :thumb_yello:

Yes I'm glad about that. I can't even find my eyes at 6am, let alone, open them.

I'm going to listen later, with a lovely cup of coffee.

It's gonna be great!

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Mika tweets




LIVE on #Periscope: Rehearsing at home in London for Chris Evans show tomorrow on @BBCRadio2 @achrisevans




recorded, but streaming is not good very much at that time. sorry ! :sweatdrop:  ( Hope Lucrezia upload good one )



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http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_twoThks for sharing now is the 10:20 i hearing well

why he spaeak about the new album NO place in The Heaven and the meaning of any songs... Good Guys for example...

About the evolution of his music a mixture of old artist like Boy George or..The Bee Gees passing by Queen of course. & How he is seeing the enviroment of music with old artist of his time like Robbie Williams of Madona& the midle Bruno Mars sting etc with the modern Rihanna 

Thksto for @achrisevan  for sharing this marvellous moment..


Thksfor your songs Talk About You""and She is a woman is beatifull in live"

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