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Mika @ Adelphi Theatre, London 18 October 2015

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It's not too complicated.


Mika's team will post a link to the presale page at around 9 a.m. UK time -- I'll post the link here on MFC. You can just click on the link and buy the tickets.

There will only be a certain amount of ticket allocated for the presale. Once those are gone, they're gone. If you don't get your tickets

during the presale, you'll have to wait and try again on Friday in the general sale.


The link will be on members only section? Or available for everyone?

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I hope everyone who is planning to attend this show has RSVP'd to our calendar HERE: http://www.mikafanclub.com/calendar/event/819-adelphi-theatre-london/   We're thinking it might be nice to arran

The first UK tour date!! Hopefully many more will follow!   NOTE: under 14s to be accompanied by an adult   *MIKA TO PLAY LONDON SHOW!** On Sunday 18th October 2015, Mika will perform a special he

It would indeed be nice if a fan pre sale really was a fan pre sale and not open to everyone.

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I didn't get any ...  :(

I managed to get one - far away in Row N :shocked: , and then they were all gone :(. That was SO quick I'm sure lots of touts got hold of them, boo. Hope you get something on Friday in the general sale. x

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I got a ticket :D Not very close though, and I lost closer ones thinking I'd clicked the wrong thing since it was saying Dress Circle. I went back to try again for Stalls and lost row A tickets. Now have row G Seat 9. Anyone got 8 or 10?


EDIT Just seen on Mika's fb that there will be more Stalls tickets available tomorrow. Damn it. Also there were only 280 tickets available in the presale apparently

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I would suggest to keep trying... I got a few refusals before I finally got 2. Row k in dress circle... Not very happy with that but at least I got them. Keep trying girls x

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That was mad! I think it's right that touts got the front rows as no-one has got the front rows. I got Row N and I was fast as poss on the link!


Not sure whether to feel happy or not??  ;)

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