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Contacting Mika / Fanmail Address


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Several people have asked what happened to the FAQ that we used to have on Mika -- it didn't travel over with us from the old site unfortunately. But the truth is it was a bit outdated and had actually grown into more than an FAQ -- it answered a lot of random questions, and most of the information can now be found in kreacher's exhaustive Mika Encyclopedia.
Still, there is probably room for something like a Quick Reference Mika Fact Sheet, which I have been working on. Watch for that to come soon.


Until then, thought I'd answer one of the THE MOST-ASKED QUESTIONS on MFC:


How can I contact Mika?


Mika changed management representation a while back, and we have never gotten a new address for fan mail. As soon as we learn a new address, we'll post it here.


Mika does not have an email address for fans to write to.


Does Mika have a Facebook profile?
Mika does not have a personal Facebook profile, though you can find a musician's profile for “MIKA” on Facebook: http://facebook.com/mikasounds Mika has said that any personal profile under his own name on Facebook is a fake.

Does Mika have a Twitter account? Does he use Instagram or other social media?
Yes, you can follow Mika on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/mikasounds

On Instagram he's "@mikainstagram" -- if you don't use Instagram yourself, you can search for and view his photos by going to http://instagram.com/mikainstagram

He also has a YouTube account, separate from the record label's official VEVO account, that he sometimes posts video messages on: http://youtube.com/mikasoundsofficial


Mika started a Snapchat account, but says he doesn't understand how it works, so never uses it.


In October 2021, Mika started an account on TikTok: @ mikatiktok  but he has only posted from it a few times.


Mika's team also has an official LINE account and a Weibo account for fans in Asia.

Mika does not have any other public, personal social media accounts (Tumblr, Google+, etc.).
Who represents Mika?
In UK and Europe, Mika is represented by YMU Group.
In the US, Mika is represented by William Morris Endeavor.

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