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Several people have asked what happened to the FAQ that we used to have on Mika -- it didn't travel over with us from the old site unfortunately. But the truth is it was a bit outdated and had actually grown into more than an FAQ -- it answered a lot of random questions, and most of the information can now be found in kreacher's exhaustive Mika Encyclopedia.
Still, there is probably room for something like a Quick Reference Mika Fact Sheet, which I have been working on. Watch for that to come soon.


Until then, thought I'd answer one of the THE MOST-ASKED QUESTIONS on MFC:


How can I contact Mika?


Mika has recently changed management representation, and we do not have an address yet for fan mail. As soon as we learn a new address, we'll post it here.


Mika does not have an email address for fans to write to.


Does Mika have a Facebook profile?
Mika does not have a personal Facebook profile, though you can find a musician's profile for “MIKA” on Facebook: http://facebook.com/mikasounds Mika has said that any personal profile under his own name on Facebook is a fake.

Does Mika have a Twitter account? Does he use Instagram or other social media?
Yes, you can follow Mika on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/mikasounds

On Instagram he's "@mikainstagram" -- if you don't use Instagram yourself, you can search for and view his photos by going to http://instagram.com/mikainstagram

He also has a YouTube account, separate from the record label's official VEVO account, that he sometimes posts video messages on: http://youtube.com/mikasoundsofficial


Mika started a Snapchat account, but says he doesn't understand how it works, so never uses it.


Mika's team also has an official LINE account.

Mika does not have any other public, personal social media accounts (Tumblr, Google+, etc.).
Who represents Mika?
In UK and Europe, Mika is represented by YMU Group.
In the US, Mika is represented by William Morris Endeavor.

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