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Zenith - Lille France - 20 September 2015 - REPORTS/PICS/VIDEOS


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The third day of #MIKAtour in France !! :france:


Tell us everything about the show ! We are looking forward to your posting. :fangurl: :fangurl: :fangurl:

photo ©Michèle mine



Setlist by anapher

  1. No place in heaven
  2. Grace Kelly
  3. Relax
  4. Boom Boom Boom (he forgot the lyrics halfway through :naughty: )
  5. Elle me dit
  6. Billy brown
  7. We Are golden
  8. L'Amour fait tous qu'il veut
  9. Happy ending
  10. Love today
  11. Lollipop
  12. Good Wife
  13. Promiseland
  14. Talk about you
  15. Underwater
  16. Last Party
  17. Good Guys
  18. Staring at the sun (Half in french, half english)
  19. J'ai pas envie
  20. Origin of love

















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[ review ]

La Voix du Rord



Un Zénith de Lille en surchauffe, ce dimanche soir, pour Mika et 7 000 fans qui dansent, dansent, dansent

Publié le 21/09/2015


« Le dimanche, les gens sont moins bourrés que le samedi et moins déprimés que le lundi ! Alors je peux faire ce que je veux ! »

Et c’est exactement ce qu’il a fait, ce dimanche soir, sur cette scène qu’il occupait avec une caravane, une enseigne lumineuse

« Heaven », un tapis rouge, des animations façon BD, et cinq musiciens.


Espace singulier où Mika rassemble toutes les âges, tous les styles, ceux qui l’ont découvert dansant et chantant dans des clips surcolorés, et ceux qui l’ont aimé à la télé, comme coach de The Voice.

Sur scène, il offre ces deux personnalités, bondissant comme un enfant de la pop, la voix très sûre. Le fil conducteur : des tubes, et une joie de vivre communicative.


No Place in Heaven, le premier morceau, donne envie d’entrer dans son univers.

Grace Kelly, l’envie de rêver un peu. Big Girl You Are Beautiful, l’envie de s’aimer.

Boum Boum Boum, l’envie de s’amuser.

Talk About You, l’envie de réviser son anglais et de draguer dans cette langue.

Rain, l’envie d’être nostalgique.

Underwater, l’envie de respirer.

Elle m’a dit, l’envie d’être l’ado insolent avec ses parents.

Et Relax, Take It Easy de les prendre dans ses bras.

Blame it On The Girls, l’envie de tirer la langue aux garçons.  

 :EDIT: :wags_finger:

He didn't play blame it on the girls on Sunday


We Are Golden, l’envie de faire quelque chose de grand.

Et Love Today de danser, danser, danser…


7 000 fans au diapason ce soir.

























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Merci pour le rapport.

Does anybody know if he came anywhere for a Meet & Greet? We have been waiting at the exit where the stage trucks came out ... there were around 20 other people, but we didn't see Mika nor anyone else coming out there.

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Lille is my town and first time I saw Mika was at Zenith in Lille in october 2007!!! so this show was very important for me :)

I was there with Philippe and a lot od Mika-friends. The show was incredible

here are my pics :)
















et after the gig :)


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What does the article say about blame it on the girls? Was that part of the setlist in lille? :blink:



No clue but according to them it was... I have doubts though lol



It was not part of Lille setlist. Neither was Rain. The reporter was very enthusiastic and seemed confused :teehee:



It was a great show and Mika was energic, cheeky and danced a lot. He ended up all covered in sweat (so did we :teehee: ). The stage was beautiful :wub:  and Mika wore lots of different beautiful jackets throughout the gig. His voice was perfect and the audience was on fire. Mika loved the venue and said Lille Zenith was the most beautiful venue among all the French Zenith venues.


Sweetieval, Pinkcell and I had a really great time and were 8th row in the middle. We had a very good position  :yes:  We arrived at 4 pm. We waited for Mika for a while and finally left just after midnight. As Mika turned up around 3 am, I'm sad I missed him but it would have been too late and driving back home (it was a bit foggy) would have been dangerous.

It was nice to chat with a couple of MFCers after the show.


The live version of Boum Boum Boum was a lot better than the album version (I don't like it at all and skip it most of the time).


There were no confettis at the end of the gig and his band was not introduced.


I'm looking forward to seeing Mika in Paris in October.

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Okay, this was my first MIkagig in France, and it's also the first time I write a report, so be kind. :wink2:

I arrived at the venue about 4 pm. Unfortunately I didn't meet any other MFClers, but I thought you guys were long up front :wink2: This was the first time I ever went to a gig where someone collapsed during the cueing, so that was a good start. I was about forth/fith row on the right. Of course the caravanthingy where all the action happened was on the left side :doh:  The gig was really good, great audience and Mika seemed to have a really good time. He danced a lot, talked a lot. Unfortunately my french is very basic so I only understood roughy what he was talking about. Like macboll said, about the venue and it being sunday and what sundays meant for him as a child in france (i think. I understood something about a weird TVshow being mentioned). There where a lot od things being thrown on stage and he picked a few of them up and fooled around with them and at one point he collected some of the devil's hornes that people in the front row had and put them on the bands heads. Of course the stage show was, as always fantastic. The costume changes were a bit overdone I thought (once he put on a jacket for the last ten seconds of a song and at the start if the next song it was gone again) but I loved the huge discoball and his dance at the beginig of Elle me dit :D

Setlist as far as I remember (not in that order):

No place in heaven

Grace Kelly


Boom Boom Boom (he forgot the lyrics halfway through :naughty: )

Elle me dit

Billy brown

We Are golden

L'Amour fait tous qu'il veut

Happy ending

Love today


Good Wife


Talk about you


Last Party

Good Guys

Staring at the sun (Half in french, half english)

J'ai pas envie

Origin of love


In spite of him seeming to really enjoying the gig there was only one encore (not sure if this is normal these day, my first Mikagig in a long time) but all in all he played for almost two hours so it was plenty :)

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I forgot to post an anecdote...


We all know that sometimes Mika can't remember the lyrics :naughty:  especially when he has to sing a new song...


He sang 'J'ai pas envie" and used his guitarist's back to try and hide the sheet containing the lyrics :naughty::teehee: . But everybody saw  it and some of us laughed.

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I forgot to post an anecdote...


We all know that sometimes Mika can't remember the lyrics :naughty: especially when he has to sing a new song...


He sang 'Les baisers perdus" and used his guitarist's back to try and hide the sheet containing the lyrics :naughty::teehee: . But everybody saw it and some of us laughed.

He really sang Les baisers perdus? Wow! That's one song I would like to hear live :)

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I forgot to post an anecdote...


We all know that sometimes Mika can't remember the lyrics :naughty:  especially when he has to sing a new song...


He sang 'J'ai pas envie" and used his guitarist's back to try and hide the sheet containing the lyrics :naughty::teehee: . But everybody saw  it and some of us laughed.



He really sang Les baisers perdus? Wow! That's one song I would like to hear live :)


:doh:  Sorry I edited my message about the anecdote: Mika sang 'J'ai pas envie', not 'Les Baisers Perdus' (I love this song too).


Here's the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53HeDrbTRV4

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After going to Paris from Lille on Friday night after work, I went back to Lille on Sunday but this time for a home gig. I had been waiting for that one for sooo long! I wasn't around at the time Mika last performed at the Zenith, but he had talked about it each time I'd seen him perform in the region. I like this venue even if it's a huge one and it turns out it is apparently actually Mika's own favourite amongst all the Zenith arenas in France.


After a chilly but nice day of queueing with friends, we were let in the venue in a chaotic way. I was very lucky to get some space front row center thanks to fans even if I was far from being the first to enter the venue.


I enjoyed this gig sooo much! We didn't have much space between us but we made the most of it to sing and dance together like never before. It really was crazy. I think the audience was at first not as enthusiastic as in Paris (less fans at the front obviously) but soon it warmed up and it really was electric and we made one with Mika. The set list was the same as in Paris and I enjoyed it just as much. Here comes my little anecdote. I had brought glowing devil horns,I had had the idea a long time ago listening to the album and really was worried this wouldn't work with his set.. And when I saw that the tour was called Heaven and the sign is there right in the middle of the stage I was even more anxious this wouldn't suit. But the fans thought it was a good idea so we started wearing them at the end of Origin. Mika noticed them and seemed not to care that much (that was ok really, didn't want to bother him with it) and then he saw I had a spare one and made a sign like 'ok, send it then'. Of course I failed miserably throwing it on stage, one of my biggest shames xD But a friend not far understood my distress and sent him hers which he put on Max's head. It suited him so well! :biggrin2: Then at the end of the next song, out of the blue, Mika gestured me and my neighbours to give him some more horns which he put on the other musicians' heads (except Curtis XD) and finally on him :original: He sang French SATS with it, now I'm doomed to love the song ???? Then the horns stayed on stage glowing all night, kinda liked it...


At the end of the gig we managed to gather thanks to our glowing horns, what a memory :biggrin2: We waited for Mika for a very very long time (the gig had ended at 10.30) and we were only maybe 30 ppl left when he arrived. He immediately signed and took pics with ppl. When he arrived to our group he exclaimed 'Ah! So, what are these horns about? Explain to me' ???? Melyssa kindly pointed out that it was my idea and I love her for that but I was terrified as it looked like he was waiting for a thesis XD. All I managed to say was that the idea came from the album before knowing about the stage set. This answer seemed to satisfy him to my relief and I think he said he liked it. Then he was kind enough to take a selfie with us and when he noticed he was struggling (and after I told him that he wasn't in the frame anymore so it wasn't really worth it XD) he asked his driver friend to take some more pics :wub2: He's just the best, honestly.


Then my friends and I went back to my flat (so strange to get back home after seeing Mika) for a few hours sleep before my trip continued with Amsterdam in sight :original:

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If I remember well,it was 2 of them who didn't wear the horns :wink2:


Thanks for your report Camille :thumb_yello: The group picture was :wub:

Actually he put some horns on Lewis' head but they immediately fell :biggrin2: (No, I haven't watched vids from this moment in the last 2 weeks at all :P) Edited by camille*
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