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an italian girl has just joined


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Hello everyone! 


I'm Sofia and I'm 14 years old.


I started being a Mika fan 3 years ago, and this is my first time on MFC :) 


I heard him when I was little too, at his beginning, but I didn't know who he was :teehee: 

So, watching XF Italy, I saw him as a judge for the first time and I bought Origin Of Love  :pinkbow: : I loved it istantly!


And I'm very happy to have joined this community!


Hello from Italy :italia: 

XOXO :mika2: 

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Welcome on MFC :hi5:!!

I'm Myriam, 46, and I'm from Rome!

As you see from my signature, I'm the Representative Member for Italy here, since not so long.


If you want, be free to join us at the Italian Thread, too, at the direct link:



I confirm also the path: Forums > General Chat > MFC International > ITALIAN THREAD - XVII parte


Now with the new layout of the site, you can choose to be notified for all the threads you'll decide to follow, you will receive a notification by mail and will be sent a message with the new posts.

Enjoy your first time on MFC, hope to see you soon!!

Yoo :hi5:

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Thank you very much for your welcome! :wub: 

Of course I've heard his new CD: I love all his songs and I got in every way possible! :pinkbow:  

And, Myriam: grazie per avermi detto dell'Italian Thread! Cosi riesco a conoscere altre fan italiane!


See you! :P 


XO :mika1: 

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