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hello ;)


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Goodmorning everyone :)

My name is Marina, I am 29 years old and i come from south Italy

I knew for a long time the existence of MFC and i "known" already many of you because I read your comments here, but also on facebook, on twitter etc and i saw a lot of your photos with Mika on social network  :wink2:


But just now I found time to sign up, because i work a lot, but also because of with the forum i'm not very skilled. And even with English  :doh:


I listen Mika from the time of Relax, who accompanied me throughout that summer and stayed tied among my fondest memories.


I always thought that Mika was good, that he was original and that he had brought a "earthquake" in the music world, first of all of in the music, and then in pop music.


However, only in recent years I have really understood how extraordinary he is!!  :wub:


I'm so happy to have discovered this!! Because now his music follow me in every place and in every moment every day and it makes me feel so good!  :yes:


I'm really happy to meet every one of you! 

Nice to meet you

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