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Songs covered by Mika and their original versions


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Skinny Love

This is a bit clip from The X Factor Italia season 7 in 2013.


Mika coaching "Skinny Love" to Violetta Zironi at the rehearsal for 6th LIVE-show ( on 28 November 2013 ).

singing a short phrase 'come on skinny love... '


Daily - 25

VK https://vk.com/videos232312753?q=daily_25


A part of Skinny Love


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Mika will cover a song ( Au diable le paradis ) from Doriand on his new album "Portraits"

Now we know what was the new music he was refering to lately ….


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1 hour ago, Kumazzz said:


The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star




mikainstagram IG story on 18 March 2020






The song is from 1979.  

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On 12/30/2015 at 1:02 AM, Mikasister said:




I just saw the hips don't lie cover on YouTube and came to this thread to see if anybody posted anything about it🤣🤣


Why is no body talking about this🤣🤣 best thing I've heard today😂😂

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@Evergreen @Mikasister


"Hips Don't Lie" has been officially released in Russia. :russia:


Big Girl You Are Beautiful












1 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Live In Hong Kong)  
2 Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)  
3 Instant Martyr  
4 My Interpretation  
5 Sympathy  
6 You Made Me  
7 Overrated  
8 Intoxicated  
9 Loverboy  
10 I'm Falling  
11 Sally  
12 Everybody's Talkin'  
13 Hips Don't Lie  
14 Same Jeans  
15 The Only Lonely One  
16 Stuck In The Middle  
17 Love Today  
18 Ring Ring  
19 Grace Kelly  
20 Billy Brown  
21 Happy Ending  
22 My Interpretation  

Relax, Take It Easy

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This is not an official release, it's a bootleg album with demo tracks on it, not finished songs.


it looks like someone just trawled the internet for anything Mika-related at the time - live performances, unreleased demos - and added it to the LICM tracks.  Definitely nothing Universal or Mika approved, and although Discogs list it, they won't allow any buying or selling of it.





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