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Old NZ Herald NewsPaper Article That Mentions Mika


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I was doing some trolling on the internet on the website for the national newspaper for New Zealand and I found a few articles that involved Mika. This article is from July 2, 2011 so it's quite old sorry. I hope that I am allowed to put this up  :fisch:

The article itself is actually really interesting, it talks about men in classical music and the history of countertenors and altos.




"But the best pop exponent of the art of falsetto, Purefoy argues, is English star Mika, who, not coincidentally, trained as a classical singer.

Some modern countertenors have taken the art to another level. Close your eyes and listen to guys like David Daniels or Jaroussky singing alongside a soprano today and you struggle to distinguish who is female.

Countertenors like Mika and others in the classical scene still sound like men singing like women. Then there are the few who "sound just plain weird - it's an unnatural sound," comments Purefoy."

I think it's meant to be a compliment because he's saying Mika doesn't sound "plain weird"  :naughty:


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