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is it working in this way?


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Hellooooo to everybody. ....I am new and I am trying to understand how it's working this forum! !!it seems very fun!!! I am from Rome. ...and I am waiting with anxiety 4the good opportunity to meet and greet my lovely adorated curly hair idol!!!!I knew him very late unfortunately.... watching the tv (i am not so used)...but I didn't know that I knew already most of his nice songs!!!!

Happy to know this fun and fan world....I say bye bye to you!!! (I am sick today. ..????????)

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Ciao Erica :D

I'm trying to understand how it works too, you're not alone  :naughty: but we're going to have a lot of fun here, everyone is really nice! :)

Hope you're feeling better today, get well soon!  :)

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hi everybody! I am feeling better today....and you?

 a lot of sun 4 all you......from rome!!!!!!!

it's a pity that our loved-mika is far away from here today....

I am :insane: for him....but my husband makes me do....so....I carry on!!!!: :biggrin2: )))


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