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Journal d'un optimiste accidentel

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6 hours ago, Ysara 22 said:

Hello everyone !

Seeing that the book was supposed to be released in 2016 on the site of Fnac, I contacted the publisher (Lattes).

They replied that the publication date was a mistake and that the book is not yet available.


        "Bonjour, il s'agit d'une erreur sur le site de la FNAC qui devrait la corriger très vite normalement. Le livre n'est malheureusement pas encore paru et nous ne disposons pas encore d'une date de sortie. Nous sommes désolés de ne pas vous apporter de réponse plus positive. Bien cordialement, L'équipe JC Lattès"



       "Hello, this is an error on the FNAC website which should correct it very quickly normally. The book is unfortunately not published yet and we do not have a release date yet. We are sorry not to give you a more positive answer. Sincerely, JC Lattès Team".



More like 2019-2020!

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Hope soon there will be a good news for the English edition.   

Hi everyone ! I'm here to tell you that Mika's book is now available in pre-order in the french edition (I think XD) It will be available on the 18th of may apparently in France at 20€ Here is a li

Is this saying the book will be published in French?   I guess I'd probably be more inclined to believe this date if it was from an Italian site, simply because Mika is writing for an Italian publi

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