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POLL: Pre-Palladium Show Meet-up 5th June 2016


Pre-Palladium Show Meet-up 5th June 2016  

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  1. 1. Will you attend an MFC get-together before Mika's gig at the Palladium in London on 5th June?

    • Yes, I would stop in for a drink or two.
    • No, I'll just see you all at the show!

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Hi, I think many people are on holidays and will probably reply from Monday onwards. We have a looong weekend in Europe :)


Can't wait to see you all again :thumb_yello:



OK, but I really do have to make some commitment/decision on a place soon. The one place I'm looking at can handle up to 80 people. There is another place that can handle 100 of us, if that many are interested, but they require a hiring fee of £150 + VAT -- that doesn't include any beverages/food. Another place is waiting on me to give them a number before they will commit. So you can see why I need to know as soon as possible. The clock is ticking! :eek:

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Cant wait to be there and meet you all! Wouldnt miss It for anyyyyyy reason whatsoever!!!! Waiting for detailssssss!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Lots of people going - look forward to meeting you.


Don't forget to RSVP to the Calendar event too (I know most of you have, but there seem to be some more names here)

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OK, now that we're up to 65, plus several of you have said you're bringing sisters/hubbies/friends, the place that can only take 80 of us is out.


The Palladium itself could handle 100 of us in one of their bars, but as I said, they have a hiring fee of £150. I'd have to ask everyone to chip in a pound or two toward that. Drinks/food would be extra on top of that. Looking at their bar tariff, it seems as far as food goes they are very limited -- they have crisps, nuts, that sort of thing. They also have a Bellini popsicle. :thumb_yello:  But we could only enter at 6:30, so not much time before the show. On the other hand, we'd be right there and wouldn't have to walk to the show...


The other places I'm in touch with are just a short walk from the theater and have a broader food menu. I'll keep looking, will decide on a place this week and let you all know. Thanks!

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