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what would YOU do if it was your last day on earth?

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You know i have wonder this question many times as I had some health problems ( which are not really done) but i just think that i'll live this day as a normal one 'cause it doesn't have to be spécial. When you like your life it doesn't have to change anything but tbh it is sometimes difficult to like what you're doing (espescially on exam périod) but i think it might be a goal to live everyday as the last one XD

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But i'll probably dance with some Mika music XD and i would go outside in some natural places next to my house and just climb in a tree and stay there for the last moment of my short life ;-)

Is there a weird thing i'll do ? Eat à lot of jelly beans XD ow and probably sing under the rain and if it's sunny i'd put my head in water and say that it was rainy XD

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I would go and visit my childhood sweetheart I haven't seen in twenty nine years and hug him   :hug: and tell him how much I love him :snog: and hopefully go with my children as they have never met...then go back  with my family feeling happy that we would have seen each other again :wub2: and wait for the end peacefully while listening to Mika :fangurl: and possibly at the beach :surfing:

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There are 1440 minutes in one day, so I would take a couple hours and clean my home spotless...goodness forbid I be found in a dusty room...then I'd get some friends and family together to enjoy the finest meal and dessert money could buy. Next would be skydiving, the training alone takes a few hours so I suppose I'd have to sacrifice some time there in "training" before my proposed death. If i was close to an ocean on a calm day, in my final hours, I would lay upon the water allowing the rhythm of gentle waves to dance me into restful slumber.


I don't believe I'll know when my time will come...I think of it as the universe's final surprise.


However, should the unthinkable come to pass and by some treacherous miracle I had undeniable knowledge of my certain death with one day to spare, I would hope my last breaths of air and final heartbeats would make a positive impact in some way. 


Ahh, there's my therapeutic reflection for today  :pray: now excuse me as I gratefully return to my inconsequential little life and my utter blissful ignorance of destiny's will :lalala: ...at least there's wine here :drinks_wine:   :whew: 

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