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Hello from Italy!


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Hello, I'm Antonella, 31 years old, from Bari (Italy). I was registered in some Mika italian fan forum, but now I want to be part of an international Mika's Family  :thumb_yello:


I've seen him in concert five times (Milano 2010, Roma 2012 and 2015, Bari 2016 and Molfetta 2016), one time at Swatch signing session and one time outside Radionorba studies, but never took a photo together.


I hope to enjoy this forum. 


Hugs & kisses! :hug:

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Ciao Antonella,


Could you post your experience [ report / picture / video ] of Mika's concert ( either English or Italian ) please ?


Bari Teatro Petruzzelli, Bari, ITALY - March 7, 2016

Molfetta Banchina di San Domenico in MOLFETTA (Bari), ITALY - 24 June 2016



I've joined to MFC in 2009.


went to see Mika's gigs 11 times in Japan.


in 2009 Tokyo,

in 2010 Tokyo ( 2 days ) Nagoya, Osaka

in 2013 Tokyo and Osaka

in 2015 Tokyo and Osaka

in 2016 Osaka and Tokyo


But I've never took a photo with Mika yet.... :aah:


Good luck Antonella, you have many chances in Italy. :thumb_yello:

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Hello Antonella ! Welcome on MFC ! Hope you will have lots of fun here! On Saturday, it will be the second time I will see Mika in a gig. And I don't have a photo with him either. Hope to get lucky this time ! Have a nice day and enjoy the many threads here !

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