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Private Swatch Signing Session in Paris : 5 September 2016


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The postponed Signing Session took place privately on September, 5th.

POSTPONED -- SWATCH Signing Session in Paris -- 20 June 2016 -- 6-7 PM


Séance de dédicac­es de MIKA Lundi 5 Se­ptembre 2016 à 20h00 ­au Swatch Mégastore, ­104 Avenue des Champs­-Elysées.




Let's post and talk about it here :)






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The Swatch signing session of Paris took place on September 5th - only Swatch Club member who had received an invitation were allowed to attend the event.

So of course many fans were sad and upset because only around 60 persons were invited.


We were invited to arrive at 7pm for a cocktail party organised in the Swatch store on Champs-Elysées - 

Then we were asked to queue in the main part of the store to wait for Mika but very short time.


He arrived around 8 pm as expected - He seemed to be in very good form, good looking, smiling, happy to be there and to meet everyone.



Before to start the signing he walked around the store to salute people. He came to see 4 of us to say hi and to tell us about his previous week he spent on south west coast of France, area called Landes, where he practiced surf for the 1st time. During 4 days if I remember. He apparently enjoyed a lot & was quite proud to tell about it.


Then he went at a table to start the signing session.


People there were really calm, patient, and lots had presents for Mika.


Mika was really nice with everyone and he was taking time especially with those he knows even if the staffs were asking to speed up. He made possible to exchange with him.


A photograph was there to make a picture of each person with Mika.


I don't know how were the other signing sessions, for my part I had only been at this same place 3 years ago, but this one was very pleasant & quiet and Mika was very kind, smiling, funny, very accessible.


It is a pity for other fans that this session was not public and open to everybody because of the security pressure in Paris since last november .


For pictures :


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As said above Mika was in top form and seemed really happy to be there and to share some time with everyone. He was in a very shatty mood - which I like very much, I don't think the Swatch staff like it as much though as they kept telling us to be quicker when it wasn't our fault :lol3:  . He was really kind and sweet and smiling and it was a real pleasure as always to share a moment with him :wub:


A few pics, taken in agent secret mode as they weren't allowing us to take any *meh*
















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Hi everyone! I'm always late to write reports I'm sorry.

Mika seemed really happy to be there and to see some familiar faces. He stopped in front of a few groups to talk to fans he knows when he arrived, before he settled to start signing.

I don't have much to say to be honest. He was really sweet. I asked if he had received a book of adventures that a Lebanse fan had made for him and we talked about it. I also told him it was my birthday the day before so he wished me a happy birthday. It's nothing but it makes me really happy.


Here are some pics






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Thanks for the reports :thumb_yello:


I guess the security situation at the moment makes it difficult to hold public events :sad:

 Sadly yes it is

And the Swatch communication in Paris can't be called the best of the world as some people (not me,I was working anyway.... :sneaky2: ) asked several times theway to get an invitation and they were unable to answer.... :(:shocked:

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To begin, I want to thank a fan who gave me her invitation at the last minute. It was one of the beauttiful gifts I ever received.


I was happy to see some faces that I know, but I was so stressed that I not so much spoke with them.

Mika was very smiling and happy to see us, depsite the recent terrorist attacks in july.

Personally, I was very concentrated and anxious because I wanted to tell him an important message that I have inside me since 3 years approximately, but I was unable to say it before. This signing session was THE moment.


I lived a similiar life of his own, I was bullied for a  large part of my scolarity. Without saying all details, I was in depression, and it almost take my life. When I could hear again his songs and his causes, especially about bullism, I could raise my head above water and live "normally".

He was very emotive about my message and his reply was so touching, I almost cry, he wouldn't that I tear, because, for he, I am brave.


He is more than human, I thank him for listenning to me.



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