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Mika guest at #CheTempoCheFa: RAI3 at 20:00, 23rd Oct 2016


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The program will start at 20:00 (IT TIME) and it will end at 22:50 (IT TIME) so we'll have an interview with Mika in the first part of the program (20-21.30) and then he will be with other guest in the whole second part and he will interact with everyone there with funny sketches.


There will be a replay of the program in the same evening thanks to Rai Play and the day after on the Twitter and YT account of "CheTempoCheFa" there will be some vids of the program.

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I bet that he'll present not just the show but also the dvd :fisch: What do you think? And... In your opinion is he going to sing at least one song? :unsure:


In 2013 : MFC thread

MIKA@'Che tempo che fa' Italian tv show-14 DEC. 2013



In 2015 : MFC thread

Mika in "Che tempo che fa" 7th June 2015


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Ahhhhh the little car!! It's so cute <3 but how does a 6' 4" man even drive a car that small? XD

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