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The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

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3 hours ago, silver said:


Actually I don't notice much difference - we were pretty isolated anyway.  The only change is with food shopping, we used to have it delivered but we are not considered priority customers so have to go out shopping now.  They only let a few people in shops at a time, and you have to keep 2 metres apart (which leads to some interesting manoevres in supermarket aisles :naughty: ).  


And it's hard to get hold of dog food.

I've done the 2 metre aisle dance over here 😂 

Had some trouble getting cat food this week, 3 stores later and they have a variety now. And they seem to want more feeds cos they know there are more feeds in the pantry.


Denied. :teehee:


Having to go to other stores for the basics is pissing me off. 


I'm a self isolator at this time of year (and November) anyway, because Crohn's, but also humans are feral. 🤷 

I got a cold last year when a friend invited me over to her place, and only when I noticed she sounded sick did she admit she had a cold. SNEAKY2 


And that cold turned into an epic flu thang after U2 


And I took a load of cold and flu tablets to Sydney in case Teegs or Zoe got it from me. 

"Who wants some Sudafed? Nurofen? Panadol?" 


So I'm really not trusting anyone atm. 

But I'm brushing up on my Spanish. 



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Just in case anyone not from Oz comes in here, here's a couple of screenshots from the fires near me app that I have on my phone.    The first one shows the fires from Sydney down to the Vic

Enmore was the most amazing experience  Queued early and got front row, and met the most amazing people while lining up!! And me and @Mika Cherry made love hearts fan action, and he even held our hear

WELCOME TO THE AUSTRALIAN THREAD: PARTY TWENTY FOUR!!! The Aussie Mikamites official logo: The Aussie Mikamites are proudly sponsored by: MIKACARD New Mikamites sponsored by Woolies. 

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It's silly really - we have to go out to the shops much more often now, whereas before it was once per month, simply because we can't buy anything in bulk. 

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On 4/12/2020 at 5:25 AM, silver said:

It's silly really - we have to go out to the shops much more often now, whereas before it was once per month, simply because we can't buy anything in bulk. 


Yes, exactly, I am a massive bulk shopper usually! They have just re-opened delivery and click and collect shopping here, but luckily before then I qualified as "priority" for being pregnant/having a newborn, so we haven't been inside a shop in more than a month! 


And on that note - here is that newborn:

93136251_10158235646771602_1735631550290067456_o.thumb.jpg.d8529f99c571f42c9d0a58b16cd3e7d7.jpg  92469768_10158235646931602_1948001138863243264_o.thumb.jpg.cc11a461dbd5f1df473de151b87f0515.jpg










Bryn (not putting the rest of his name because I'm not sure how open this forum is anymore) was born on Saturday 11th April at 9.25pm. He is already long like his mother, 55 cm and 3480 g at birth. The dogs have been very interested in him, especially Willow, but also suitably gentle. We've made exactly two excursions outside since coming home (to walk around the block with the doggos) and he has only met his extended family through the living room window at this stage. It's a weird time to be born in, but I'm reasonably happy to have an excuse to just hide away and wear pyjamas all day every day :bleh:


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He is gorgeous :wub2: (and Mr OKD isn't too bad either :naughty: )


Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can, life will get busier :hug:



:mf_rosetinted:  I hope you don't wear pyjamas while walking the dogs


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You may not have noticed, but Mika is presenting a livestream concert in aid of people affected by the Beirut explosion.  Lots of guests, including Rufus Wainwright and Kylie.  More details here:



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