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Well , have to admit, every now & then MIKA pulls off a Freddie sort of thing >---> 


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10 Artists Who Are Inspired by Freddie Mercury: Lady Gaga, Brendon Urie & More


11/6/2018 by Joshua Bote


Freddie Mercury left a lasting impact on the state of popular music, long after his death in 1991.

The legacy he imparted onto a wide array of artists, across genres and decades, is a testament to the Queen frontman’s everlasting musicality, his inimitable swagger and stage presence, and the one-of-a-kind touch he put onto every song and every performance.


These artists -- through their music, their style, and their charisma -- have carried Mercury's torch onward.
Here are 10 modern artists who have been inspired by Mercury.


Adam Lambert

Lady GaGa



The British wonder has drawn several comparisons to the Queen legend himself -- his voice even approaches Mercury’s nearly four-octave range. He’s also made countless references to Freddie, shouting out the frontman on his breakthrough single “Grace Kelly” and, more recently, on his 2015 track “Last Party.”

He tells Billboard that the latter track was inspired by a notorious story of a raucous party Mercury reportedly threw after he found out that he was HIV-positive.


Wiz Khalifa

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Brendon Urie

Alabama Shakes

Dave Grohl


Katy Perry


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