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Mika guest at "Il Tempo Delle Donne" in Milan 8th September 2017 11h00


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Thanks to Mika and his Team, we have many tickets for the event!

If you're interested, pls hurry up, you have to send your email by 3:30 pm Italian time! 

You can find all details here:


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Corriere della Sera (Milano)

  • 5 Sep 2017


PDF file : Corriere_della_Sera_Milano_5_Settembre_2017.pdf


Su ViviMilano «Il Tempo delle Donne»


Uomini che cambiano: al tema «Uomini, i segni del cambiamento» è dedicata la nuova edizione di «Il tempo delle donne», la grande festa-festival del «Corriere della Sera» aperta a tutti in Triennale. Oltre cento eventi tra, incontri, concerti, workshop anche per bambini. Da venerdì a domenica artisti, scrittori, studiosi parlano di paternità, carriera, amore, potere...

Un prologo con Mika, poi Beppe Fiorello, Favino e Daniele Silvestri incornicia un ricco weekend di inchieste, happening, musica e momenti interattivi con il pubblico. Protagonisti grandi nomi dei campi più diversi, Gianna Nannini, il sindaco Sala, Stefano Bollani, Cracco, Gerry Scotti, Abatantuono, Elisabeth Strout, Allevi, D’Avenia, Briatore... Novità, tre faccia a faccia su temi «politicamente scorretti» e otto «Academy» con esperti.




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DIRECT streaming TV:thumb_yello:


will be video-intera-mika at 11h to 12h ( Italian TIME ) on Friday 8 September.



Un’ora intera con Mika Diretta tv

Dalle 11 alle 12 di venerdì 8 ottobre, il cantante sarà alla Triennale di Milano (Sala dell’arte) ospite dell’edizione 2017 del Tempo delle donne, l’evento del Corriere della Sera. Il tema di quest’anno è : Uomini, i segni del cambiamento | CorriereTV

Dalle 11 alle 12 di venerdì 8 ottobre, il cantante sarà alla Triennale di Milano (Sala dell’arte) ospite dell’edizione 2017 del Tempo delle donne, l’evento del Corriere della Sera. Mika apre la tre giorni di appuntamenti. Il tema di quest’anno è : Uomini, i segni del cambiamento


An hour full with Mika Direct TV

From 11 to 12 on Friday, October 8, the singer will be at the Triennale of Milan (Art Hall) host of the 2017 edition of Women's Time, the event of Corriere della Sera. This year's theme is: Men, the Signs of Change 


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Short clip from the interview :wub2:

L’artista libanese alla Triennale di Milano | elive - CorriereTv

La nuova edizione de «il Tempo delle donne» si apre con Mika, intervistato da Barbara Stefanelli. Tra le altre cose l’artista ricorda un periodo difficile della sua infanzia e in particolare una prof. «A causa di questa donna ho dimenticato come si scrive e come si legge. Aveva deciso che noi eravamo le sue vittime»





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5 hours ago, Loo said:

The links don't work! :sad:


5 hours ago, krysady said:

Same for me, not working  :no:


The same for me.. :dunno:


Where can we see this meeting with Mika?


Maybe someone filmed It?

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I leave the full translation to the Subs team that I'm sure they'll make an incredible work


Here a summary of the most interesting things he said today during the interview:


Mika talked about the abuse he suffered from a teacher at school who ruined part of his life, especially his adolescence. This trauma has led him to not read and write normally and he brings the signs even now.

He wants to fight against homophobia since in the past lots of people hurt him and help those who are less privileged than himself.

He thinks about writing articles about food and nutrition and continuing his partnership with "Corriere della sera". So many many many columns will follow soon.

The release of his book and his album is delayed even if he started to write again at the end of his summer holidays. He is writing new things, perhaps in reaction to the dictatorship of "background music". Longer and less structured songs, like landscapes.

For more than 70% of men, Mom is the most important person.

Writing songs allows him to preserve his fragility. Even men today should cultivate their own fragility. We forget the elasticity of when we were kids, so the heart in the storms of life is likely to stop and hide. Fragility is the antidote.

He does not believe there is any difference between men and women.

He talked about his family where the emotions continue to explode and they support each others. He talked about the beloved poet of the Great War Wilfred Owen.

He talked about his relationship with Italy (shortly his new Rai program... he can't say anything for now). He said a wonderful sentence about Italy: "the more you know this country and the less you understand it, as in love" .


Tomorrow watch out 'cause there will be a column about Mika on Corriere for sure! :wink2:

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