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"Casa Mika" Last Party at Studi Rai


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The last recording of "Casa Mika" on November 8,  2017.


Mika fans had a party at Studi Rai.:cloud:


Thanks a lot for taking PERISCOPE at the party @Tillymilo







"It's My House" cakes



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***Just a brief but important note***

since the patisserie tagged Mika Fan Club on twitter and in order to avoid any misunderstanding, I'd like to point out, that yesterday's M&G, gifts or cakes were NOT officially organized by MFC or on behalf of MFC.


Glad to hear everyone had a great time :)

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On 09/11/2017 at 5:13 PM, crazyaboutmika said:

Moi aussi si c'est possible ...

BONJOUR savez vous si la petite fête finale après STASERA CASAMIKA    a été payé par la PRODUCTION  MIKA ou par les  FANS.

MIKA a été extraordinaire il a servi lui même LE champagne  et les parts de gateaux! à tout le mone

ELLE générosité  on l'aime  très fort notre MIKA

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After the last recording of Casa Mika we made a surprise to Mika... Two big cakes, Champagne and gifts for him, Mel, Amira and Andy. It wasn't an official m&g, but a meeting with Mikafans and he was so amazing with us!

He has served the cake and poured the wine to us and it was a magical moment! :cloud:












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