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I found this about "Lollipop" :lg:



traduction with Google translation :

"This song was a message to my little sister Zuleika. I wanted to tell her that she should not have sex too soon, because that kind of thing is completely different for girls and boys. I said to her : be careful! But it was very fun to get the message across through lyrics and music!


"The Sun, 2 february 2007



page 94

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Story of "Dr John"



Traduction with Google translate :

It will understand : Mika drags worries as much as her backpack on his frail shoulders. And soon, him the "dunce" pointed out no longer seeks to give the change. On the contrary. Nobody speaks to him, neither pupil nor teacher? He is silent. To better escape a difficult reality, another universe is created. In this one, his only friend, a certain Dr. John, comes to join him and they start talking while whispering. For Mika, Dr. John is not imaginary. Sometimes he thinks he can touch him as long as they are close. Sitting next to each other, they travel, discover extraordinary animals, aliens whith rocket and can imagine the biggest nonsense without any adult scolds! Dr. John is a precious confidant, whom Mika will never forget, and whose existence he will mention in one of his most mysterious songs...




"Oh Dr John 

What am I doing 

What am I doing wrong?

Cause I keep on trying 

Something ain't going 

Something ain't going on"


"Oh, Dr John, what am I doing wrong...? The lament is signifiant. But, if Mika took to witness the whole world of his doubts and his childish questions, he keeps well, at the time, to announce it to his family - a family wich, a year after his arrival in Great-Brittany, becomes rather easy...




Page 36-37

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