Introducing Forum Guides

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Forum Guides are people who are regularly on the MFC and who are able to help new members find their way around the site. 


Typically we would expect them to:


  • Greet new members
  • Encourage them to post an introduction
  • Give them the link to their country/language thread, if there is one
  • Direct new member to basic threads, like the Forum Guidelines, Tech Support or other helpful threads
  • Help them with queries about profiles, signatures, posting photos etc


Forum Guides will replace the World Representatives, who were set up at a time when there were many more active members, and we needed a lot of help in running the forum.  However, now that Mika's international activities have reduced, and a lot of countries have few active members,  we feel that a different structure is needed.


We would like to thank all people who have acted as World Representatives, both currently and in the past - your contribution to the running of this site has been greatly appreciated. 


Unfortunately we can't take you all on as Forum Guides, but we hope everyone will continue to help each other and maintain the friendly atmosphere which we all enjoy.


Forum Guides do not have any authority to act on behalf of MFC when off the forum -  but all members should remember that we all represent MFC to non-members, and should uphold our reputation for helpfulness and good manners.

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The initial forum guides are as follows:


Forum Guides










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The list of people helping as Forum Guides will change from time to time.  For example, someone may need to drop out because of RL commitments, or we may need more Guides when Mika's next album comes out. 

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