2019 Mika @ Accor Hotel Arena, Paris, FRANCE 22 Dec

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1 minute ago, mellody said:


Maybe we need Santa hats with blinking LED lights. :teehee:


And electric garlands as necklaces ……..:naughty:

Seriously ,I think it's ok for standing fans from first rows  …...for the others it could be funny but not very visible from the stage 

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1 hour ago, Marie-christine Suire said:

Hello Melody and Carafon  :bye:  excellent idea Père Noël hats. It's okay I can wear one  :thumb_yello:


Are you "participating" for the Flasmob ????  :dance_man:


Sure I can, if it's at a time when I'm there. I'll come with my little son, we have seated places and we'll probably do a bit of sightseeing during the day. But we're staying at the hotel right next to the venue, so I'm sure if it's not too long before the concert, we can be there and I can take part.

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22 hours ago, mellody said:


Bien sûr que je peux, si c'est à un moment où je suis là. Je viendrai avec mon petit fils, nous avons des places assises et nous ferons probablement un peu de tourisme pendant la journée. Mais nous restons à l'hôtel juste à côté de la salle, alors je suis sûr que si nous ne tardons pas avant le concert, nous pouvons être là et je peux participer.


Great, I add your name in the table.
And I will have a Père Noël hat

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Bonjour à tous,


Donc, nous oublions l'idée de Flasmob avant chaque concert, nous n'avons pas volontaire. En fait, c'est évident et j'aurais dû y penser.

C'était une bonne idée, mais ce n'est pas le bon contexte.

Il est normal que les personnes qui sont dans la "fosse" et qui sont plus proches de la scène ne veulent pas perdre leur place dans le fichier d'attente.

Seuls les fans aux sièges numérotés peuvent être intéressés.

Mais à Bercy, il y a beaucoup d'endroits numérotés ... Peut-être que nous pouvons y penser. 

Donc, si vous vouliez faire quelque chose devant l'hôtel Accor Arena avant le concert du 22 décembre, faites-le moi savoir par mp. Si un nombre suffisant de participants, nous allons tenter l'aventure. Si nous sommes assez volontaires, nous allons abandonner l'idée.

Disons que nous arrêtons le compte à rebours jusqu'au 15 novembre pour avoir le temps de nous organiser si le Flasmob est terminé !!

Voici la corvée retenue. N'hésitez pas à commenter (j'ai essayé, je suis presque "démodé" et je le fais ... ..) 

A bientôt tout le monde.


Je suis toujours d'accord pour "Chapeau de Père Noël"



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On 7/23/2019 at 8:00 PM, mellody said:

I had the thought, as the gig is just before Christmas, that we could all wear Santa hats (or if some want to, even Santa Outfits) ... dunno if it works, as the venue is huge and probably we're not all in the same place - but that'd go for any fan action. ;)


Hi everyone


I am in - standing and maybe with my 13 years old daughter (not sure yet)

Hope I will have a chance to meet some of you again (Sabine and Mellody) but I will go to the venue In the afternoon if daughter is with me 😉

But yes, Christmas hats are a very good idea indeed 👍🏻

Even false gifts 🎁🎁🎁🎁 we could built up ? But would  they let us enter with that ?? 🤔


and the LED lights well... why not 🤣🤣🤣 good idea too 👍🏻

but will Mika like having plenty of lights during his gig ? 🤔

Probably yes although he needs darkness from time to time to see the shining stars (mobile phones) on few songs ... 


And for a flashmob... well, I think it is still a good idea outside in the afternoon 

👍🏻 And I will be there if possible ... why not 😁


{But I was young and stupid too a few years ago and queuing for hours early in the morning to get a chance to be in the front rows So I understand people - especially hard fans like I am-  would like to be front rows 😉


I have stopped coming too early since Compiègne in 2010 when silly security people made enter the end of the queue first 😱

My friends and I got in the middle of the crowd and the view was much better - also the sound 👍🏻

The other « friends » we thought we had just ran away and there were no more friendship in that moment 🤣


Mika likes all the crowd : he even laughed at me when I showed up a pannel written « DANCE » (from quite far) when he started introducing his brand new song « Elle me dit » 🤣

No need to be front row any more as far as I am concerned 😉}


We know it is not front row you really meet and talk to the boss anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️

You can even not be talking to anyone because you don’t hear anything 🤣 the sound is too loud


I have been to many other gigs from other artists since Mika was more on tv than doing shows and the most important is to enjoy the gig, look at the artist and listen to music 😉


Yes he recognizes familiar faces but it lasts only 10 seconds during the show 🤣🤣🤣


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