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[ Party Like A Deejay ] @ Milan : 22 June 2019 REPORTS/PICS/VIDS

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radiodeejay Due chiacchiere con Mika (seduto sul tetto del suo furgone) prima di salire sul palco #partylikeadeejay @mikainstagram       65106686_528776534324515_639575

Us in front of the stage!!!

Posted Images



From Mika....

“This is what rehearsals are like when you haven’t slept in a couple of days 😭
But partying when you are tired is often the best! So Milan, are you ready to PARTY LIKE A DEEJAY tonight? I’ll be heading on stage very soon!

Ecco come ci si presenta alle prove quando non dormi da un paio di giorni 😢
Ma fare festa quando si è stanchi è la cosa migliore ! are you ready to #partylikeadeejay ? Tra poco salirò sul palco di @radiodeejay !”



VK  2019.06.22 rehearsals for PartyLikeADeejay Milano


[HD] MP4 : 1200p (20.3MB)



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Over the past 5 years I spent a lot of time in Milan.
A city that I have grown to love. Most of those years however were spent making TV and I loved it.... well to be truthful, sometimes it was awesome and some times a nightmare!! However I learnt a lot about how to create and produce a big show and everything that I learnt is going into the preparation of my new tour this autumn.

This is why finally singing again last night, on stage, in Milan, in front of 30,000 people was so special. My band and I are back and we can’t wait. #revelation tour
Thank you @radiodeejay for having me #partylikeadeejay ❤️💥❤️

È stato bello tornare a cantare a Milano, ci rivediamo in tour ad Assago e in altre 11 arene in tutta Italia!








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No hay necesidad de hablar el mismo lenguaje para crear una linda relación y una buena vibra en poco tiempo.

these guys are great 🙏🏿🎶

#mikaband #top #friends #live #milano #expo #partylikeadeejay #amazing #otfits #style #followme #l4l #mika #radiodeejay











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