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19 minutes ago, koningin said:

Thank you @mellody and @Sabine64 for your replies. Anyway, I was wondering why there is no gig in Germany. Isn’t Mika famous there?  

since 2012 Mika get no promotion in Germany anymore, radio only plays GK and Relax and they refuse to play new stuff even when we ask them to do it. Also his last gigs in Germany weren´t sold out in 2012.

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Just now, koningin said:

Oh really?! That is so sad 😞 I don’t understand why...

Yeah that's it sadly... I don't understand that either... :sad:

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9 hours ago, Kumazzz said:

"I used to hate my legal name! I was convinced that only through assuming and defending my artist name would I ever be happy. I have realized with time that this is not true. In fact, the opposite is true! All artists have two sides to them. I asked myself, which is the more real version of me, MIKA or Michael? If I am to continue to grow and evolve then I had to be really aware of my own identity.

"The title of the album is a provocation. I am provoking myself to be honest, intimate, un-ashamed, but also to be full of bright color and a full range of emotion. This is the biggest challenge we all have to face: how to grow up, without losing the brightness of your colors and the idea that anything is possible. This is not naive. It's essential. This is why the album talks about so many different emotions."

When asked about being a "grown-up," key words on his new album, he stressed the importance of constantly asking questions about oneself in order not to lose their identity.

"(Being an adult is) like being a teenager but less of an idiot; Like a child but seeing things with more perspective; Like an old man but laughing and crying like a child. The only way not to lose the brightness of your colors as you grow up, is to constantly ask yourself the question, who are you? Reevaluating your identity will help you assume it. As it's something that will always change, and you just have to be aware of it... keep up with it."


I especially like these parts of the interview. :wub2:

All these articles seem to be about the same interview, just that some papers write in English and use his quotes, while others translate it - and it's interesting how much of the meaning gets lost when that is translated back to English by Google. So I'm really happy about the English articles in particular!

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2 hours ago, koningin said:

Thank you @mellody and @Sabine64 for your replies. Anyway, I was wondering why there is no gig in Germany. Isn’t Mika famous there?  


2 hours ago, Sabine64 said:

since 2012 Mika get no promotion in Germany anymore, radio only plays GK and Relax and they refuse to play new stuff even when we ask them to do it. Also his last gigs in Germany weren´t sold out in 2012.


Cologne was sold out, and Munich was pretty full as well. Though yes, he's not exactly famous here (anymore), I think it's not that. If he can do gigs in New Caledonia and the Netherlands, he can do it here as well. My interpretation is that it's about some industry people here in Germany. I remember him talking about it already back in 2009 how unhappy he was about some people from his German label - and just recently he talked about industry people turning out to be an older version of the school bullies, maybe that's related. At least that's an interpretation I can easily accept, I can't blame him for wanting to stay away from people who make him feel bad.

But well, that's going a bit OT here, sorry. ;)

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Canceled before the official announcement


Mainland China


MIKA is back! Ever since the last triumphant tour, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter has been itching to return.

He and his full entourage will leave a technicolour pop trail through the REVELATION TOUR's long-awaited dates, with shows in Shenzhen (March 7) and Hangzhou (March 8).

Don’t miss his mojo this time: the third China journey will feature triple the glee, triple the glitter, and triple the singalongs! 🥳Tickets in the bio.






英国流行鬼才 MIKA 2020 中国巡演
“观看MIKA的演出就像猛然跌入了异次元……那里的生活就好似一部大型儿童电视节目般轻快。” —— 《每日电讯报》





今年早些时候,MIKA发行了精彩万分的新专辑《My Name is Michael Holbrook》,《Pop Matters》评价说其包藏着“他最直戳人心的的巧妙辞藻和最上口的曲调” 。MIKA就是要用这些令人“耳”醉神迷的单曲征服芳心万千,称霸舞池无数;他那令人热血沸腾的现场魔力将会让你彻夜嬉笑开怀,不由自主地加入那气势如虹的千人齐唱。


MIKA音乐生涯的成功始于热门单曲 《Grace Kelly》。收录了这首歌的处女专辑 《Life In Cartoon Motion》在发行之初就直冲英国及另外11个国家的音乐排行榜首位,并在全球取得了700万张销量的好成绩。除首张专辑外,他随后发行的《The Boy Who Knew Too Much》《The Origin of Love》和《No Place In Heaven》另外三张全长专辑也都取得了白金销量认证。


唱片大卖的同时,MIKA不仅获得过“全英音乐奖——年度最具突破艺人”奖项,更受到了“格莱美奖”“MTV欧洲音乐大奖”“首都广播电台大奖”和“世界音乐大奖”等各类奖项的提名。另外,他在 RA12 频道黄金时间的综艺节目《Stasera Casa Mika》 于2017年还获得了大名鼎鼎的“金玫瑰电视节大奖——最佳娱乐节目”奖。他已经在法国版《好声音》中担任了六年的评委,并且在BBC 2广播台主持自己的节目 《The Art of Song》。

在最新的个人专辑《My Name Is Michael Holbrook》,MIKA用色彩纷呈、如梦似幻的另类流行乐趣味精巧地打造出一个属于成年人的、苦情又浪漫的世界。这张专辑不仅收录了《Ice Cream》这首有着90年代英伦金曲风味的先导单曲,还包含MIKA写过的最私人、最内省的歌曲之一——《Tiny Love》。在最新推出的一首热门单曲中,MIKA则大玩electro-tropical风格,以一首《Sanremo》释放夏日高温能量,向所有听众发出前往自己魔幻现实世界的邀请。


英国流行鬼才 MIKA 2020 中国巡演



  • 日期:3月7日
  • 地址:深圳市罗湖区布心路3008号 IBC mall 四楼
  • 票价:预售 420 元 / 现场 480 元


  • 日期:3月8日
  • 场地:大麦66LiveHouse
  • 地址:杭州市下城区新北街85号G2-302号
  • 票价:预售 420 元 / 现场 480元


:uk: Google translator



British pop superstar MIKA 2020 China tour


"Watching MIKA's performance is like suddenly falling into a different dimension ... life there is as brisk as a large children's TV show." ——Daily Telegraph

Everyone is hoping that MIKA 's coming back.

Since the last tour was a big success, the Grammy-nominated singer has been looking forward to returning to China, and now he is bound to carry three times the joy, three times the dazzling light, and three times the loud singing. Start your third China journey.

On this long-awaited China tour, he will leave a colorful and dreamy track in Shenzhen and Hangzhou with a gorgeous full team.

Earlier this year, MIKA released a wonderful new album "My Name is Michael Holbrook", and "Pop Matters" commented that it contained "his most straightforward ingenious rhetoric and the most catchy tune". MIKA is going to use these "ear" intoxicating singles to conquer thousands of hearts and dominate the dance floor countless; his blood-sucking scene magic will make you laugh and laugh all night, and you can't help but join the momentum of the rainbow. People sing together.

The success of MIKA's musical career began with the hit single "Grace Kelly". The song's debut album, "Life In Cartoon Motion," went straight to the top of the music charts in the UK and 11 other countries at the beginning of its release, and achieved 7 million sales worldwide. In addition to his first album, his subsequent releases of "The Boy Who Knew Too Much", "The Origin of Love" and "No Place In Heaven" also received platinum sales certification for three other full-length albums.

At the same time as the record hit, MIKA not only won the "British Music Award-Most Breakthrough Artist of the Year" award, but also received the "Grammy Award", "MTV European Music Award", "Capital Radio Award" and "World Music" Nominations "and other awards. In addition, his prime-time variety show "Stasera Casa Mika" on the RA12 channel won the prestigious "Golden Rose TV Festival Award-Best Entertainment Show" award in 2017. He has been a judge on the French version of "Good Voice" for six years and has hosted his show "The Art of Song" on BBC 2.


In the latest solo album "My Name Is Michael Holbrook", MIKA has exquisitely created an adult, bitter and romantic world with colorful and dreamlike alternative pop fun. This album not only contains "Ice Cream", a lead single from the 1990s, but also contains one of the most private and introspective songs written by MIKA-"Tiny Love". In the latest hit single, MIKA plays electro-tropical style, releases the high-temperature summer energy with a "Sanremo", and invites all listeners to go to their magical real world.





2016 MIKA in Shanghai  (Photo: Wang Tianhao)



photo credit: Peter Lindbergh




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Mainland China


Split Works

  • 26/02/2020
MIKA 中国巡演取消通知 | MIKA China tour cancelled

亲爱的 MIKA 乐迷们:

我们终于做出了这个艰难的决定,MIKA 原定于今年 3 月的中国巡演正式取消。

让大家等待了这么久非常抱歉——我们一直想努力促成演出的延期(和扩大规模),并且为 MIKA 的中国粉丝们呈现些特别的内容。





关于退款,我们的票务合作方247(contact@247tickets.com) 会给每一位购票乐迷发邮件告知退款操作流程。如在退款中遇到问题,请直接联系247票务平台。



Dear MIKA fans

We have finally made the difficult decision to cancel the MIKA tour next month.  

We are sorry it has taken so long – we have been trying to reschedule (and extend) the tour, and also arrange something special for MIKA’s Chinese fans.  

Both things are looking good, and we hope to be able to share more with you all soon.  

We are hopeful that things in China are trending back to normal daily, and our thoughts are still with people stuck in their homes, and those personally affected by the illness.

We hope you all stay safe and well.


Regarding refunds, our ticketing partner 247tickets (contact@247tickets.com) will email all ticket holders to let each of you know next steps.

Thank you for your support and understanding.






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