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2019 @ Zenith Pau, FRANCE, Nov 15 REPORTS/PICS/VIDS


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:france: It's The First Date of Revelation Tour in France !!!


























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Instagram user virginiiez has also posted live videos, one of them Paloma. :wub2:


I already love this show! :fangurl: I don't like the protruding stage much, as that means wherever you are, at least half of the show you're not "in the front" but only see him from further away. Also you might have lights in your view, or just see his legs when he's at the piano, and the barriers are quite far away from the stage, too... But the show itself and the stage set, the "flying" piano, the 'sun', the rainbow... it just looks amazing! :wub2:


noopsienoop has filmed the beginning of the show, it's slightly different... he shows pictures of his parents and I think he says they met in New York... Can anyone please translate the additional text?

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4 minutes ago, mellody said:

noopsienoop has filmed the beginning of the show, it's slightly different... he shows pictures of his parents and I think he says they met in New York... Can anyone please translate the additional text?

I am donwloaded the files from Instagram. I need to put together audio and video tracks. It takes time.The files are heavy.


The intro was in French and Mika talks more about his parents and his hildhood.

Tomorrow I will put it in this thread with the intro translation.

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La République des Pyrénées



EN IMAGES. Débuts palois en trombe pour la tournée de Mika


publié le 16 novembre 2019 à 8h09, modifié à8h12.

Depuis 2015 et son dernier album, son public se languissait de Mika. Ses apparitions dans le jury de The Voice n’étaient qu’une maigre consolation. Vendredi soir au Zénith, devant plus de 3200 personnes, Mika a entamé sa nouvelle tournée en trombe, avec un nouvel album en bonus (« My Name is Michael Holbrook »).

Après une première partie bien mixée par DJ Eva, le rideau s’ouvre sur l’univers très coloré de Mika.

L’intro annonce le ton introspectif du dernier album. Mika se raconte, sans se la raconter. Après l’évocation de ses parents, la pop-électro de l’enfant de Beyrouth reprend ses droits. Ice Cream, Jealousy et Relax s’enchaînent de manière pétillante.


Costume bleu et chemise jabot à pois, Mika occupe la scène dans tous les recoins, pour le plus grand plaisir de tous. Tout dans ses postures théâtrales fait penser à un certain Prince… Qui se plaindrait d’un tel clin d’oeil…? Les mondes colorés se suivent. On passe du pink à l’orange avant un final tout white. Un set au piano tout en hauteur et « Grace Kelly » qui fait exploser la salle de plaisir. La tournée de Mika a débuté à Pau et le ton est donné.


:uk: Google translator



IN IMAGES. Débuts Pau in a rush for Mika's tour

published November 16, 2019 at 8:09, changed to 8:12.


Since 2015 and his last album, his audience was yearning for Mika. His appearances on The Voice's jury were a meager consolation. Friday night at the Zenith, in front of more than 3200 people, Mika began his new tour with a whirlwind, with a new album in bonus ("My Name is Michael Holbrook").

After a first part well mixed by DJ Eva, the curtain opens on the colorful world of Mika.

The intro announces the introspective tone of the last album. Mika tells herself, without telling herself. After the evocation of his parents, the pop-electro of the child of Beirut takes back his rights. Ice Cream, Jealousy and Relax are connected in a sparkling way.


Blue suit and cropped polka dot shirt, Mika occupies the scene in every corner, to the delight of all. Everything in his theatrical postures is reminiscent of a certain Prince ... Who would complain about such a wink ...? The colored worlds follow each other. We go from pink to orange before a final all white. A set at the piano all in height and "Grace Kelly" that explodes the room of pleasure. Mika's tour started in Pau and the tone is set.















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So here is a direct video from Instagram maed by noopsienoop .

About 1 hour of the concert.

The set list from the video:



Ice Cream


Origin of Love

Platform Balerinas


Big Girl


Tiny Love



Elle Me Dit


Popular Song

Happy Ending

Love Today

We Are Golden


But Mika sang as well (we do not see it in this video)



Grace Kelly

(for the moment I did not see any video of Stay High, which Mika played at the end of the show)



Translation of the intro in French:

(sorry, some words are not clear but I used the English verision of intros from the previos concerts to fill in)



before life there was nothing in this huge void...   but love was already there... for nothing... for nobody... it was just an invisible power... 


... this uncontrollable energy finished by inplosion and explosion ... The Big Bang... 


Some say that God created univers in 7 days. They say it was 13,7  to 23,5 miliard of years.

But lets forget numbers. Let forget Adam and Eve.

I am presenting you my own Adam and my own Eve. My parents: Mary Joanne and Michael Holbrook.

For me at the beginning there was no sake, no apple. 

No, there was a huge apple: New York.

My Eden was at the crossroad of the 5th Avenue and 57 Road. In this precise place they met.

My parents. In the middle of millions of New Yorker's faces.

Before the life I know in this huge void of New York of 80' there was Love.

Joannie and Michael found themselves. Another crazy Bing Bang .

Then there was a wedding and the honeymoon travel for 40 dollars in a camping car. 

My first sister, then the second one, then ME.


Ather the first Bing Bang Love had a color. Not red, nor rose... Love was burning so much  ....that it gave life to millions of creatures. 

Love is as much destrucive as creative.

Love made the Sun, The Sun made us. Yellow is the color of the Sun.

Yellow is a color of Love.









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10 hours ago, mellody said:

Now, any thoughts of what the huge Gorilla with the tag "Tiny" is supposed to mean? :teehee:


At the end of the show, there was a huge inflatable heart:



I imagined it plays with the concepts of giant and tiny of the song. Like a paradox. It is a giant creature whose name is Tiny. A representation of ourselves who are giants when we have a tiny love.

But I don't know, maybe I'm completely wrong 😂

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Seems so wonderful ! :wub2:


I Don't really look much at the videos for keep this a surprise… (I'm practically sure I will not achieve this until end-january, but I will try). But I hope the setlist will be like that for "my" gigs, it's just perfect for me ! :cloud:

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