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The extra ticket thread

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Wow, the tickets are pretty expensive!

You can buy them on Ticketmaster: https://m.ticketmaster.fr/fr/manifestation/mika-billet/idmanif/464754#grilltarif 

Hi there !   I do have extra tickets for TORONTO (Mai the  13th) at The Meridian Hall ( https://www1.ticketmaster.ca/event/1000582C910A1015 ) which I sell at paid price :   2 tick

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I have also one spare ticket for London:


1 Ticket London, Adelphi Theatre (Sunday 18/10/2015 at 19.00)
Dress Circle, Row D, seat 29

I sell them at the same price I paid of course. Please PM if you are interested.



EDIT (22.09.2015):


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Looking for a nice ticket for the Adelphi London gig somewhere in the center part of either the stalls or the dress circle if anyone has one spare? :)


Hey I have one ticket left for the Adelphi Theatre: Dress Circle, Row D, Seat 29. Good view on the stage ;)

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Hi everyone,

I'm kinda desperate...

Just decided to go to the London gig after all and I see there are only a few tickets left, but not well seated (upper deck I think it's called).

If someone here would happen to have a spare ticket somewhere in the front and middle?

I'm begging ;-)

Thank you!


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I've got a ticket left for the show this saturday (sept 26th) in Zürich, Switzerland.

Is there anyone who'd like to go? If yes please message me or email me (giuliapizio@hotmail.com) because we must act quickly, because i'd have to send the ticket per post:/

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Hi dear Mika fans,


I am selling 2 tickets for the show in Paris Zenith on 17th october.

They are Carré Or seated ticks.

I sell them the price I bought them of course (50€).


I am already going on 19/09 to the Paris Zenith gig, so I have to be reasonable (the BIG sigh).


Tell me if you are interested, I had 3 tickets yesterday and already sold one today. So only 2 left now!

I left the same message on Twitter and the Facebook event page.



Hello, are your tickets still availble?

And pardon my french - what does "carre or seated" means? it is a sitting concert?



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