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Mikasounds, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram updates - 2020

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Was hoping someone had live recorded it, but here are some screenshots! I think I’ve got them all. And they’re not chronologically ordered, unfortunately, but funny nonetheless 😊 I’ve put an

I think Mika is always very intentional about what he does -- I'm sure he thought carefully about what he wanted to say, and wanted to have meaningful links and attractive graphics to go with his post

He said:  

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Two songs with Danna! Do we think she'll sing one of her own, one of Mika's together or another new collab? 


It's so close now, I'm so excited! Did a snack shop a couple of days ago and put all the snacks at the back of a cupboard so I'm not tempted to eat them before then, I have specifically chosen food that doesn't make a loud crunch! Nothing is going to disturb this concert for me! 😁

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1 minute ago, Mikasister said:



Too many people together 😥


Yeah, exactly my thoughts. I mean, it's a really cool event and all, but I don't get how he can risk this just a few days before his important gig. Dunno what the rules in Italy are, but in Germany if any person at this event was tested positive for Covid (and with that many people the chance isn't low...), everyone who was there would have to quarantine - which would mean no camera team / broadcasting staff could enter Mika's house on Saturday. I mean, if he can do it all with his Wifi and Andy on camera, fine, but I doubt it... :aah: Anyway maybe in Italy the rules are different. I'm surprised they're even allowed to do such a big event indoors. :dunno:

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