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Mikasounds, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram updates - 2020

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18 hours ago, Mikasister said:



They are cooking and eating all day   :naughty:

@Mikasister yes... :naughty: Mika cook... aww i remember the quarantine when Mika make cooking with Mika... Pasisveikinti Hello GIF by JLRReyes   Mika is super...  so  Mika do evrything!!!

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Was hoping someone had live recorded it, but here are some screenshots! I think I’ve got them all. And they’re not chronologically ordered, unfortunately, but funny nonetheless 😊 I’ve put an

I think Mika is always very intentional about what he does -- I'm sure he thought carefully about what he wanted to say, and wanted to have meaningful links and attractive graphics to go with his post

I miss his cooking shows...  They were such a ray of sunshine, something to look forward to when bad news about the world's situation keep coming in every day. I don't want to bother him about it on T

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❤️❤️❤️❤️🙈  @Kumazzz thanks alot... for information.. luckily  it's not a squirrel.. and luckily Mika is more active on social finally... 🥳


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11 hours ago, Kumazzz said:

It's a Pheasant !


Ok, dead squirrel with a bird's head. :mf_rosetinted: :naughty:

Nah really, I think it looks like a mix between parrot, platypus and squirrel. :lmfao: But I suppose the dogs don't care about such details. :teehee:


Btw Mika has reposted a story by Jack Savoretti about the 1 year anniversary of Youth & Love.

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