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2020 @ Kioene Padova, ITALY, 01 Feb REPORTS / PICS / VIDS

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That was my second Mika concert: after seeing him in Bologna I was so astonished by his performace that I had no choice but go to Padova ūüėõūüėõ. I have no Mikaddicted friend so.. I decided to go all alone ... and it was a very happy choice as I was forced to find new friends among aaaallll these crazy Mikaddicted people and it was sososo much fun!!!!A complete new world opened in front of me!!! I even meet for the first time @Gabry74¬†and @mellody¬†and I was so happy for that!!! The organization of the event has been almost perfect, starting from the queue with numbers written on our hands to allow people who were queueing from the day before (!!!) to be the first to enter and even the security staff was very kind and collaborative¬†:rolleyes:

Speaking about the concert... well what can I say that you already don't know? It was so so magic... and the atmosphere so warm and friendly... and this is all about Mika, his way of being so.. nice in every aspect of his life. ‚ô•ÔłŹ He can attract only good people.. and when you see him you know he really was born to do exactly that, and there is nothing more beautiful but seeing someone that really loves his work. And he really loves it. He loves us. He has so much fun when he performs!!! And you really feel it! His smiles are so genuine!! ūüéäūüć≠ūüć¨ūüéČ

Well, now I really understand people that follow him in almost every gig and I really envy them.. every gig is different from the other, you would never have enough!! Unluckily for me this will be the last for the moment but.. who knows ūüėõūüėäūü§ó



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That was my second Mika concert: after seeing him in Bologna I was so astonished by his performace that I had no choice but go to Padova ūüėõūüėõ. I have no Mikaddicted friend so.. I decided to go all alone

I'm pretty tired after returning from Padova, but the concert was great. Since I knew I wouldn't be able to arrive there early, I decided to buy a sitting ticket this time. My seat actually turned out

Its been amazing! ūüėć

Posted Images

So, here's my report about the Padova gig:


I only arrived at about 10am, as I had taken the night train from Munich (I had a bed there and actually was able to sleep, although usually I never can sleep on trains, buses, planes, cars...! ūüėģ) and then checked in at our hotel near the station. My friends who had arrived before 6am got numbers between 40 and 50, and at 10am I was #72, so that wasn't too bad. The queue was well organized, although it was lots of people,¬†and security even checked the numbers while we entered through the different barriers. Apart from the fact that about half an hour before the doors opened we learned there'd be a separate queue for those who had bought their tickets on ticketmaster, it all went quite well. I didn't expect much, but got a good place at the catwalk on the right side, as this area was a bit hidden from the entrance and still quite empty when I entered the venue. I couldn't see Mika when he was sitting¬†at the piano (he doesn't do that much anymore anyway) and when he was in the front, the spotlight blinded me - but apart from these little flaws I was quite happy with my place.


The venue was smaller than I had expected, and the ceiling was so low that the props were half hidden behind the stage and closer together than usual. But that made it feel a bit more cozy than you'd expect at a sports arena.


The show itself...  well, you already know about the masks for Platform Ballerinas - a little detail to add was that after Mika had put masks on Tim and Max and went to the front of the catwalk with Max, also Mitch left his keyboard for a moment to get himself a mask from the frontrow and put it on. :naughty:


Mika talked a lot, but I didn't understand any details, just the general topics he talked about. What Lunari mentioned about the candy being thrown on stage - it was indeed 2 huge Lollipops that were thrown, which probably would've caused damage if they had hit his head - actually they were so heavy that they fell down the opposite side of the catwalk instead of staying on the stage. :lmfao: I wouldn't even think of throwing such a thing - but there wasn't any danger for Mika, as he was on the piano and whoever threw the Lollipops made sure they landed on the stage floor.


The introduction for EMD with talking about his Mum was quite moving, although I understood just a few words - but he was struggling for words at times... although that might just have been a language issue. I'll upload the video of it here later, would love to get a translation for it. :wub2:


As in Luxemburg, I loved the new ending for UW and the fun he made during Lollipop - tho him joking about his death wasn't very funny to me, as I didn't understand the details that Lunari posted here, because I do like this silly fun - but when all I get of his talk is that he keeps going on and on about his death due to a Lollipop, I just think WTF. :naughty:


After the show we waited a while and saw his car leave. I didn't see him, as I was waiting at the wrong exit, a few metres away from the one he left through.


I'll upload my videos tomorrow. ;)

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7 hours ago, mellody said:


After the show we waited a while and saw his car leave. I didn't see him, as I was waiting at the wrong exit, a few metres away from the one he left through.


I'll upload my videos tomorrow. ;)


I was quite far too but I ran to his car just to wave at him and he was waving back.... He was so beautiful and his white smile beside the car glass will remain stuck in my head for a loooooong time :cloud:

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9 hours ago, mellody said:

The introduction for EMD with talking about his Mum was quite moving, although I understood just a few words - but he was struggling for words at times... although that might just have been a language issue. I'll upload the video of it here later, would love to get a translation for it. :wub2:


Yes, that introduction was really moving. When you post the video, maybe someone can give a more detailed translation, but I remember that he talked about how his mum always loved to dance and encouraged everyone else to dance too. Now she can't do it anymore because she's in a wheelchair, but every day the whole family gathers around her and they dance. Although she doesn't say anything, Mika thinks she likes it. :wub2:

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Here are the videos I took with my mobile - I also took some with my camera, will upload those when I have time.


Ending of Underwater:





Talk before EMD:


Fans on stage for EMD (they had a sign, asking "can we dance with you?"):




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My fourth (and last) gig of the Revelation Tour, and the one I enjoyed the most.
I'm not sure what made the difference, maybe I feel a different vibe from Mika when he performs in small venues, he seems to be more relaxed and spontaneous, or maybe I was just happy to be at home.
Anyway, I started queuing early in the afternoon with my friends @pupaclaudia  Luciana and Barbara, we had a good time chit-chatting (even if late in the afternoon it started being colder and foggy, which made me eager to enter the venue ASAP) and we gained a very good spot in front of the short "T" side. 
The set list was a regular one, the audience was warm and captivated I really loved his jokes about the killer candy.
I mean, he's not only fluent but he really understands Italian habits and environment, besides showing a good amount of sense of humor.
We didn't wait for him after the show, but we still spent a short time outside the venue waiting for the parking lot to empty, praising the show and our good luck when he walked just among us during Big Girl.
And now heading to Verona!

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Metropolitan Magazine.it

Mika | Revelation Tour alla Kioene Arena


Mika lo scorso 1 febbraio alla Kione Arena di Padova con il suo Revalation Tour

I nuovi singoli Ice Cream, Tomorrow, Tiny Love, Sanremo, il nuovo album My Name Is Michael Holbrook, una nuova serie di concerti con il Revelation Tour.

Mika è tornato dal vivo!

Eclettico protagonista di una straordinaria carriera artistica (che si è articolata in attività diverse come il design e la partecipazione e realizzazione di grandiosi show televisivi come Stasera CasaMika e X Factor in Italia e The Voice in Francia), Mika ha deciso di riportare il focus totalmente sulla musica.


Mika: My Name Is Michael Holbrook


A dodici anni dal debutto stellare di Life In Cartoon Motion che fu lanciato dalla hit colossale Grace Kelly, il nuovo progetto arriva dopo 4 album in studio, 1 album in concerto sinfonico, 1 raccolta antologica, 23 singoli e 4 DVD live che gli hanno fruttato certificazioni d’oro e di platino in 32 Paesi del mondo per oltre 10 milioni di dischi venduti. Frutto di due anni di scrittura tra le pareti domestiche tra Miami, Londra e la campagna toscana, My Name Is Michael Holbrook ci porterà a scoprire l’essenza dell’identità di Mika, a partire dal suo nome anagrafico, passando per i rapporti familiari e un bagaglio di piccole e grandi esperienze, tra momenti di leggerezza e struggenti episodi chiave della sua vita e della sua famiglia, come spiega Mika stesso: 


‚ÄúSono andato alla ricerca di chi avrei potuto¬†essere, se non fossi stato Mika. Certi artisti si cimentano con un alter ego¬†artistico, dal¬†grandioso David Bowie con Ziggy Stardust, fino a Beyonc√© con¬†Sasha Fierce. Io ho fatto il contrario, sono andato a scoprire l‚Äôuomo dietro¬†l‚Äôartista.‚ÄĚ


Da Novembre. Mika porta le nuove canzoni e i suoi straordinari successi in tour, con uno spettacolo in giro per l’Europa. Il Revelation Tour è partito da Londra il 10 Novembre, per proseguire in Spagna, Francia, Italia, Svizzera, Olanda, Belgio e Lussemburgo.


Il giro proseguirà nella primavera del 2020 negli Stati Uniti, in Canada, Sud America, Giappone, Cina e Korea. 


Anche¬†il titolo del tour si collega al mio percorso di ricerca identitaria e ‚Äď per¬†l‚Äôappunto ‚Äď rivelazione che ho intrapreso in questa nuova¬†avventura artistica.¬†Sto¬†preparando uno spettacolo ricco di sorprese, forte delle esperienze e del¬†bagaglio acquisito con i miei spettacoli televisivi, ma riportando la musica al¬†centro di tutto. In Italia, poi, per me sar√† una emozione viaggiare da un¬†estremo all‚Äôaltro della penisola. Con Stasera¬†CasaMika vi ho invitati tutti a¬†fare festa a casa mia, stavolta sar√≤ io a venire a casa vostra. Verr√≤ bussando¬†alla vostra porta, citt√† per citt√†. Spero mi accoglierete.‚ÄĚ


:uk: Google translator



Mika | Revelation Tour at the Kioene Arena

Mika last February 1 at the Kione Arena in Padua with his Revalation Tour


The new singles Ice Cream, Tomorrow, Tiny Love, Sanremo, the new album My Name Is Michael Holbrook, a new series of concerts with the Revelation Tour.

Mika is back live!

Eclectic protagonist of an extraordinary artistic career (which was divided into different activities such as design and the participation and realization of great TV shows such as Tonight CasaMika and X Factor in Italy and The Voice in France), Mika decided to bring the focus back totally about music.

Mika: My Name Is Michael Holbrook

Twelve years after the stellar debut of Life In Cartoon Motion which was launched by the colossal hit Grace Kelly, the new project comes after 4 studio albums, 1 symphonic concert album, 1 anthological collection, 23 singles and 4 live DVDs that have earned him gold and platinum certifications in 32 countries around the world for over 10 million records sold. The result of two years of writing between the domestic walls between Miami, London and the Tuscan countryside, My Name Is Michael Holbrook will lead us to discover the essence of Mika's identity, starting from her personal name, passing through family relationships and a wealth of small and large experiences, between moments of lightness and poignant key episodes of his life and his family, as Mika himself explains:

“I went looking for who I could have been, if I hadn't been Mika. Some artists try their hand at an artistic alter ego, from the great David Bowie with Ziggy Stardust, to Beyoncé with Sasha Fierce. I did the opposite, I went to discover the man behind the artist. "

From November. Mika brings the new songs and her extraordinary hits on tour, with a show around Europe. The Revelation Tour started from London on November 10, to continue in Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The tour will continue in the spring of 2020 in the United States, Canada, South America, Japan, China and Korea.

The title of the tour also connects to my path of identity research and - precisely - revelation that I have undertaken in this new artistic adventure. I am preparing a show full of surprises, based on the experiences and the baggage acquired with my TV shows, but bringing music back to the center of everything. In Italy, then, it will be an emotion for me to travel from one end of the peninsula to another. With Tonight CasaMika I invited you all to party at my house, this time I will come to your house. I will come knocking on your door, city by city. I hope you will welcome me. "





















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The Padua concert was special, because it was SOLD OUT, but since there was no separation between the parterre and the stands, we were a single audience singing, dancing and romping together with Mika and his band! :cloud:

The stage was shorter and the atmosphere very intimate. I had a lot of fun and excited! :fangurl:
Some pics and video:




































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1 hour ago, Serendipity said:

@Gabry74 why Wouter is always looking in your direction in your photos?? :woot_jump:

Because I think Wouter is an excellent drummer and a special guy. ūüĒĚūü•ĀūüĒ•ūüėĆ

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