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I thought I might open a thread for song recommendations. Here you can share links of songs or the file itself with us. It doesn't matter which genre or artist. Maybe we can meet new and talented artists or old almost forgotten songs. I am curious about your recommendations.🤗

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Ok, so I'll start with some of my favourite artists besides (and far behind :teehee:) Mika. In no particular order:


Rosalía (favourite album: El mal querer, even won a Grammy for that album this year)


Lorde (favourite album: Melodrama)


Janelle Monáe (favourite album: Dirty Computer)


Troye Sivan (favourite album: Bloom)


Sigrid (just released a few EPs and a debut album so far so I actually like all of it...)


Carly Rae Jepsen (favourite album: Emotion, but I like Dedicated as well)


Alice Merton (also released just one EP and a debut album so far...)


And recently I've listened a lot to the EP La vita nuova by Christine and the Queens:


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I hope it doesn't matter it's more an artist recommendation but I tried to choose a representative song for each of them... Of course I listen to a bunch of other artists, this is just the starter pack. :naughty: I think some of them have a similar style to Mika in some ways (they are also inspired by the 80s and the same artists as Mika) so I hope someone here will enjoy some of the songs and artists I posted above. 

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@TinyLove_CJ Oooh, Wolf definitely goes onto my playlist - I love this earthy-yet-ethereal sound.




Oh goodness! This will be fun! My taste in music is highly eclectic and my playlist contains everything from medieval music, opera and early-20th-century recordings of forgotten international folk music all the way to modern-day Colombian pop. A thousand years of music across all continents - that's me in a nutshell.


Sharing some highlights from my Random Catchy Stuff playlist for now, will slide in later with more fun stuff. 


First off, Una Storia d'Amore by Gigliola Cinquetti

because the lady's one of my all-time favorite musicians and this song is lovely


Then, Fading Light by Aviators:
Yes, it's technically fan music for a video game, but it's also really gorgeous with its flowing melody and evocative lyrics.


Joan Baez - Sweet Sir Galahad
Because it's such a sweet, warm-sounding song


Beirut - Elephant Gun:

It's a weird song with a very interesting rhythm and a gorgeous melody using interesting instruments


Quick hop over to Japan: Sayonara Wa Dance No Ato Ni by Chieko Baisho
Beautiful old song, also what the Sailor Moon anime got its opening from. And, just in case there's any Studio Ghibli fans around here, Chieko Baisho was the voice of Sophie in Howl's Moving Castle


Next off, some pretty commercial Colombian Pop by Juanes:

The first CD I ever got for myself was by this guy. 


Staying in Colombia for one more video, I have this Tiny Desk Concert by Monseur Periné
Not technically a song, but good enough to make up for it.


Gandalf - Can You Travel In The Dark Alone
Obscure 1960's psychedelic rock, because why not.


Here's an old Filk thing about a ghost ship in space, sung - probably - by some elusive guy named Vic Tyler


Just linking this one because it's probably a liiiiittle too pertinent to current world events, but it's another Filk thing: Leslie Fish - The Day It Fell Apart


Not enough countries yet? Here's an American-Cambodian little gem that fuses vintage and modern influences into something beautiful:



And that's it from me for now, just to keep the wall-o'-stuff down a little, but I'll definitely be back with more stuff eventually. 

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I have another song/artist recommendation. Lately I've been listening a lot to CHVRCHES, I know the band for quite a long time but since I heard their song Forever on the series Élite, I kind of rediscovered their music once again... They have a lot of great songs like The Mother We Share, Miracle and a lots more. But this particular song reminds me a lot of Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode – you surely remember Mika's cover of that song:



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Caro Emerald has been around for a good few years now but I only discovered her music last summer and I wish I'd had known about her sooner, I would love to see her live. Would have got tickets to see her in London 2 weeks ago but of course it got cancelled! She's another artist who's music is inspirational to me, I love the 40's /50's vibe! Can't come here and not share one of her best tracks 'That Man' and another favourite of mine 'Tahitian Skies'. Again if anyone knows other singers/songs similar to Caro's style, I'd love to know!

Enjoy 😊



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What I can recommend to the Millenniums and of course to everyone else. I recently came across these songs again and it immediately reminded me of my childhood. Maybe you still know these songs and like it as much as I do :) (p.s. I am going on a time travel into my childhood and maybe someone is glad to have found this song as well 🥰)




Here also a song before I was born but it's an unforgettable song🥰


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