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L’intervista agli eliminati: EDA MARÌ e MANITOBA | Live Show 2


EDA MARÌ mentions Mika.


"Come'è stato collaborare con Mika?"

"E'stato veramente anche una fonte di ispirazione.
Dopo l'eliminazione abbiamo parlato tanto e sentirmi  dire tante cosa da un artista come Mika e stato veramente unico."


"What was it like collaborating with Mika?"

"He was also really a source of inspiration.
After the elimination we talked a lot and being told a lot by an artist like Mika was truly unique. "


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Mika's mood before the show: irritato, affamato, curioso (irritated, hungry, curious). Poor boy, why don't they feed him properly at XF?! In his story with Vergo he also said he's nervous, a

Hey guys I am sorry there's like 3 or 4 minutes of Emma's part missing at the beginning (I swear it's a daily struggle with SkyUno ) but as most of us are pretty much only here for Mika , I think

BTW I just uploaded the whole thing on youtube since twitter usually deletes my videos within a day (even though I'm trying to "edit" them before uploading them now lmao desperate attempt )

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XFACTOR Instagram


Live chat con @n_a_i_p_



A part of NAIP mentions Mika


8 hours ago, mellody said:

Naip is currently on IG live with Xfactor. He talked a bit about Mika a few minutes earlier, did someone record it?


6 hours ago, Moni said:


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3 minutes ago, Kumazzz said:

A part of NAIP mentions Mika



From what I understand, the question is whether Mika is tough or soft (duro / tenerone), and Naip says tough but sensitive, and that apart from that he describes him as "sciamanico" (shaman), because he understands things that aren't obvious - I think the example he tells is about Mika saying after a few seconds of a performance "you're not really there", something like that.

Maybe someone can understand more details of what he says? He also talks some more about the duro / tenerone thing, but I don't understand that.

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Hey guys, it took 3 replays and an insane amount of refreshes ( assuming that's a real word lmao) but here's the daily from last night. I've uploaded it to my dailymotion acc now, since youtube will eventually delete all my uploads and I've had already uploaded some videos there. Also youtube blocks them all for the italians. Let me know if it's playing properly

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