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Mika Returns to X Factor Italia in 2020

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Ok good, then at least now we know where he is. :teehee:¬†Oh dear, this Xfactor thing is already starting with a LOT of alcohol! ūüôą :lol:¬†Here's another clip, on the other guy's new account (Is this one¬†also called Manuel, like the younger one, do¬†I understand it right?) - you can't see Mika but you can hear him, I think they're talking about the guy's new IG account and whether it's official yet with the blue check mark:


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1 hour ago, mellody said:

Is this one also called Manuel, like the younger one, do I understand it right?


He's name is Manuel Agnelli, so yes, they're both called Manuel but they rather call the younger one "Manuelito". 

Manuel Agnelli didn't have any social account and it seems yesterday night they had fun creating him a new Ig account called "The colleagues of Manuel Agnelli" lol¬†ūü§£

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