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Mikasounds, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram updates - 2021

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1 hour ago, mellody said:

But I read a fan saying on Twitter that Mika can feel free to do a live cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day if he feels bored. Y'know, if he doesn't feel like writing songs, I wouldn't say no to this option either. :naughty: :biggrin2:

Haha, when does he ever do what we suggest him to do 🙈🤣


I think he will just chill and sleep in. It’s been a busy couple of months, maybe a bit of downtime will do him good. Though I’m afraid after two days he’s like “ok, now what?” 🤣 

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He looks really excited. I'm glad for him after those sad weeks he and his family have lived. It's good to see him with that energy again. I'm totally sure the next album will be a masterpiece. 

And stories     88549637_3946652408712298_914749423996155436_n.mp4 74655122_448045209567424_5041088992272372530_n.mp4 98755810_3004482536504661_1474097706149169911_n.mp4

Same on Twitter:      

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3 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

“I want to break free” gets a whole different meaning now 😆


3 hours ago, mellody said:


We want videos. :mf_rosetinted:



No vacuum cleaner but...




Also made me think in this one 



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