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MIKA Gives Colors Back to Paris! New Art Project

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Mika is in Rome now and tonight he is recording a program and just after he goes to Paris for the preparation of the posters project. The idea of the posters came to him at the end of December -

Jakub Orlinski's IG story:     JakubOrlinski.mp4

So we now know what the art project Mika referred to the other day is: 2021-02-26-posters-lesartistes.pdf              

Posted Images


Dans le cadre du projet #mikacoloreparis, découvrez l'œuvre d' à l'univers coloré, épris de liberté. ⁠En savoir + > http://bit.ly/2OkCjFj ⁠ ⁠


Dans le cadre du projet #mikacoloreparis, l'illustration de

suggère nos mondes internes lors de la #pandémie.  En savoir + > http://bit.ly/2OkCjFj



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An article in Japan

PEN online




PARIS icon-paris.pngパリ

仕掛け人はMIKA! コロナで“時が止まった”パリの街にポスターで元気を。



そこで立ち上がったのが、カラフルな衣装と陽気な人柄でパリでも大人気のシンガー、MIKA(ミーカ)。街に色彩を与え、カルチャーの火を灯そうと、装飾博物館のディレクターの協力を得てアーティストにポスターを依頼。ウーゴ・ガットーニ、アレクサンドル・バンジャマン・ナヴェら9人のアーティストの作品に加え、MIKA自身も姉のヤスミン・ペニマンとともに『STAY HIGH』を製作した。




The mastermind is MIKA! Energize with posters in the city of Paris where "time has stopped" in Corona.


Paris in March, a full year after the first lockdown due to the corona wreck. Normally, posters for exhibitions, new movies, and plays add color to the streets of Paris, but cultural facilities such as cinemas, museums, and theaters only opened the door for about four months during the two lockdowns. .. From the end of October, the museum was forced to close again, and of course there are no posters to announce new works.

Then, MIKA, a singer who is very popular in Paris for her colorful costumes and cheerful personality, stood up. He asked the artist for a poster with the help of the director of the Museum of Decorative Arts to add color to the city and light the fire of culture. In addition to the works of nine artists, including Ugo Gattoni and Alexander Banjaman Nave, MIKA himself produced "STAY HIGH" with his sister Yasmine Peniman.

The stage is an advertising space in a city specializing in culture, including Colonnes Morris, which is a symbol of Paris in the Bell Epoch style. The posters, reminiscent of the Belle Epoque-era Toulouse-Lautrec and Mucha traditions, invigorate the deprived city of Paris and Parisians.





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