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Hi everyone! Carolina from Italy 🇮🇹


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Hello Everybody!

I just joined the Mika forum so It Will take a Little bit of time to know how It works 😂.

I introduce myself: I'm Carolina, I'm 20 and I live in Italy in a town called Alessandria, near Turin. I attend the First year of University in Genova and in free time I help people to get in shape.

I am a Mika fan since 2015, I saw him for the First Time in TV thank to XFactor, then I discovered his world full of colours, emotions, Freedom. And for me, when I was 14, was a comfort place in quite tough times. This Is way I care about him so much, he's not Just a favorite Singer he Is a mentor and a model. I can't wait to listen to him live again in Paris! And meet you of course ☺️

I feel like I'm part of a very big family, thank you for all the Amazing work you do. Stay High! 🙌🏻💖

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Hi Carolina! :bye:

I'm Gabriella, I also live in Italy and in Piedmont, (in Alba but I was born in Acqui Terme near Alessandria), nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC! :welcomeani:

Have fun here and see you around... :mikadas:

PS: We're waiting for you in the italian page! :thumb_yello:

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Ciao Carolina and welcome to the MFC :welcomeani:Have a lot of fun here!  This is the best place to know about Mika, his music, projects etc..If you want to find your way around here, take a look at this thread:


Enioy this wonderful place and make good friends among  this big family!! 

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Welcome Carolina to the MFC. I am Fenny from The Netherlands

25 minutes ago, Sabine64 said:

Welkombij de MFC en veel plezier hier. Ik ben Sabine uit Duitsland


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