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4 hours ago, Rebecca Wiseman said:

Putting it in my language topic rather then ask elsewhere 

but his accent seems to have changed a lot from 2007 to now also he seems to have a different accent depending what country he’s in 

I may have only just noticed this since I Went from watching stuff in 2017 in Italy to 2019 in England to 2008 in America (I think)

So might have just noticed it from all the jumping around 


There's a thread about this :naughty:



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34 minutes ago, holdingyourdrink said:

That is very true, I think you’re maybe more consistent than I am, which I think is pretty cool.

Thanks :flowers2:

34 minutes ago, holdingyourdrink said:

How is it when you switch between languages?

I am somehow not quite the same person depending on which language I speak either. :original:


Romansh and Italian I speak quite fast. German, English and French slower. When I speak Italian, I have to use hands, without it doesn't feel naturally to me. :dunno_grin:With the other languages I don't use often my hands. And when I speak French I have problems pronuncing the "r" correctly, especially when it's "roi" in the middle, e.g. "trois", "froid". In the other languages I don't have problems pronuncing the r. :hypo:

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