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How I Found Mika

Travis Cook

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Summer of 2007 i was searching for music on Yahoo Music. And among my searching I came across Mika. And have been hooked ever since. I’ve won tickets to a show Mika did at Union Station about 8 years ago. Can’t wait to be able to see him live again.   



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:welcomeani: Travis!


Nice to see another US fan!


And was that in Philadelphia? If so, I was there! Judging from your photos, I would have been to your left a bit. It's a small world!


Anyhow, glad to have you here. And we're wishing for another US tour right along with you! :making-a-wish:

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16 minutes ago, Travis Cook said:

Agreed. I’m ready for live music!! 


18 minutes ago, silver said:

Hi and welcome to the MFC :bye:


Hopefully :crossed:  it won't be too long before Mika starts touring again

Hope he will comes at Montréal too :rolleyes:

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Hi Travis :cheer:

Welcome to MFC :huglove:

I got hooked at first sight/hearing too :wink2: in 2007 in front of TV showing Grace Kelly video :swoon:

Enjoy yourself here with us :group_hug:and I also hope we get a new tour soon :excite:

See you around :bye:

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