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Britton Buchanan

Rebecca Wiseman

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Has anyone here heard of Britton

He was originally on the voice USA in 2018 I found him though a youtuber I watch whose his cousin but started to listen to his auditions though to the final (he didn’t win)  and liked him then found his original stuff 


I don’t follow him too closely and I Don’t think he has any albums just Singles. Cross my Mind is my personal favourite of his 


Anyway reason I wanted to mention him is I Saw that he’s releasing a song tomorrow (24th) called Grace Kelly

At first I thought oh he’s just going to do the tik tok challenge but I think it’s a completely different song 

and idk if it’s just me but it feels like a bit of a too good of a time to release  to get found as it’s obviously going to get clicked with people looking for Mika’s though the challenge.

He might just be covering it I’m not sure 


I might sound like a total ass and I know songs can have the same name as others I’ve seen loads before 

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20 minutes ago, Rebecca Wiseman said:

Re reading this I feel even more of an ass now


I was reading your post. Honnestly I don’t know if you're wrong or right. Maybe yes. Maybe no. But you're allowed to have your own opinions and please, don't be too hard on yourself. You're not an ass just because you have an opinion maybe different from other.

And even if you were wrong well - it happens to all of us. Don't he hard on yourself ♡

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