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2021 @ Philharmonie de Paris, 24 October REPORTS/PICS/VIDS


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I'm just back from this second amazing night ! The setlist was the same than yesterday. But tonight, we had an encore : Mika forgot Elle me dit lyrics yesterday and tonight. He told us he couldn't leave Philharmonie's stage without singing EMD correctly... Guess what ? He forgot the same lines :lmfao:


I've posted already videos :wink2: 




Last Party


No place in heaven


Origin of love


Love you when I'm drunk


Elle me dit (encore)


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Thank you MFC for helping us to get a ticket for today's concert! It was so amazing, full of emotions and beauty and a lot of fun. Have a good night everyone!


(Ps. I think Mr. Mika got a little emotional during Blue, it was so touching.)

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18 hours ago, lilla10 said:



(Ps. I think Mr. Mika got a little emotional during Blue, it was so touching.)


He did. We all did. He dedicated Blue to his Mum that evening and we all were crying, including Mika. :tears: I thought Tiny Love Reprise at the Amex gig had been emotional, but this one, where we could see him so clearly, and we all shared this emotion that was so sad but also so beautiful, like the song itself, was definitely the most emotional moment I had ever experienced at a concert. :huglove:


The whole concert was emotional, in fact. Mika got standing ovations for at least half of the songs, and he always was so moved by it. His eyes were sparkling right from the start, he had tears in his eyes several times and was biting his lip so he wouldn't start crying. Tears of joy I think, for all the love he was getting from us, and for being able to do gigs again after all this time. Maybe also tears of sadness that this would be the last evening of this very special experience. 


My emotions also still are all over the place, so I don't feel ready yet to write a proper report, but anyway while the Saturday gig was brilliant, the one on Sunday really blew me away. It was even better, more intimate, more connected, and definitely more emotional. It's not a gig that I can stay high from, despite the fun songs in the end, but one that went straight to my heart, and I'm sure it'll stay there forever. :wub2:

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Here are the videos I took on Sunday. I'll post the pix tomorrow, some of them you can already view on my IG and Twitter.


Saying thank you


talk before the encore . Before that, he said he forgot the lyrics to EMD every time and he wants to get them right for once. 

Spoiler: Of course he didn't. :naughty:


A tiny bit of Elle me dit:



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Hi everyone :group_hug:

I will do reports for both nights and I truly had one of the very best week ends in my life ever :wub2: I'm so grateful for it all :cloud:and I miss all of you already  :tears:  It was a blast of emotions and love ❤🎉🎉🎉

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21 uur geleden, Melody zei:


Hij deed. Dat deden we allemaal. Hij droeg Blue die avond op aan zijn moeder en we moesten allemaal huilen, ook Mika. :tears: Ik dacht dat Tiny Love Reprise bij het Amex-optreden emotioneel was geweest, maar deze, waar we hem zo duidelijk konden zien, en we deelden allemaal deze emotie die zo verdrietig maar ook zo mooi was, zoals het nummer zelf, was absoluut de meest emotionele moment dat ik ooit bij een concert had meegemaakt.:huglove:

Does anyone have a recording of Mika singing "Blue" in Paris? It's my most favorite song for a number of reasons...

Het hele concert was zelfs emotioneel. Mika kreeg bij minstens de helft van de nummers staande ovaties, en hij was er altijd zo door ontroerd. Zijn ogen fonkelden vanaf het begin, hij had meerdere keren tranen in zijn ogen en beet op zijn lip om niet te gaan huilen. Tranen van blijdschap denk ik, voor alle liefde die hij van ons kreeg, en voor het feit dat hij na al die tijd weer optredens kon doen. Misschien ook wel tranen van verdriet dat dit de laatste avond zou zijn van deze heel bijzondere ervaring. 


Mijn emoties zijn ook nog steeds alle kanten op, dus ik voel me nog niet klaar om een goed verslag te schrijven, maar hoe dan ook, hoewel het optreden op zaterdag briljant was, blies dat op zondag me echt omver. Het was nog beter, intiemer, meer verbonden en zeker emotioneler. Het is geen optreden waar ik high van kan blijven, ondanks de leuke liedjes op het einde, maar een optreden dat recht naar mijn hart ging, en ik weet zeker dat het daar voor altijd zal blijven.:wub2:

Does anyone have a recording of Mika singing "Blue" in Paris? It's my most favorite song for a number of reasons...

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11 minutes ago, mellody said:

That was from the Saturday gig tho, wasn't it? On Sunday I remember he wiped his eyes with the towel after the song - tho not sure if it was right after the song or just after this video stopped...


No, it was on Sunday. 

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8 hours ago, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:

I am not ready yet to write any report.... so many things happened. So many beautiful moments...


I just managed to upload 3 videos on YouTube.









For "elle me dit", we could perhaps propose to him to let us sing the verses and him the chorus ?

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I was wondering if someone knows who made the pictures after the show, when Mika went outside to meet some fans? I remember there were 2 guys :)


The concerts were just... amazing. The arrangements, the instruments, Mika's voice, and everything else. Saturday and Sunday were similar when it comes to the program, but so different at the same time. It was amazing to witness and I can already not wait to see Mika live again <3

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Actually this post belongs here.

This is Mika's speech before BLUE on Sunday evening.



Here is the part before BLUE (the second video below)


Please prepare MIKA tissues.


It was hard to write all this with tears in my eyes.


First Mika translates the lyrics into French.


"... Blue is deep and bold
Blue is like no other
spiritual  old


We like watching the blue water of the sea - it makes us dreaming

But when it's raining - blue is falling from the sky

And all this to tell you that what ever happens in your life..


I promise you 

I will love the sun, yellow,

green, red...  even violet


I will promise you that even in the hardest and dark moments 

I will love the blue in you too



This song I dedicate tonight to a person which brought me here (on stage) and which brings me from up there,

and which brings me here tonight...

This song is for my mother..."





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What to say. It is still hard for me to find the right words. It has been such an amazing journey, everything was so perfect and the two concerts sososo magic, intense, incredible. On Sunday I had the chance to sit in the first row even if veeeery lateral but ... when you can see Mika's face and expressions while he is singing, well, this is another concert inside the concert ❤

His energy moved me, his happyness moved me, his commotion moved me, you could breath the warmth of the audience right on the skin, I think he felt our love run over him.

I really loved every single song. Thank you to Mika, and to you all that made these nights and days so magical, and the better part is that we could, we will have more of this, hopefully very soon!!! So, people, thank you for making me willing to look into the future, would you?? ❤🧡💛🌈











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