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I just wanted to create a thread for another artist that I absolutely adore: Caro Emerald!


I knew one of her most iconic songs, 'That Man' years ago, but back then I never discovered any more about the artist. Jump to 2018 and I heard it again on TV, I listened to it properly on YouTube and ended up down a rabbit hole to discover all of Caro's discography!


I've never come across anyone else like her. She has such a unique voice and style of singing, very 40's/50's jazz vibe. Which I absolutely love! 

I like and respect her in a similar way I do with Mika. She comes across as a very down to earth kind of person, she's very kind and supportive of her fans too. I love every song of hers, some I like more than others and a select few are my absolute favourites!


Here's a selection of some I really like:


That Man:



Tangled Up:



One Day:



Wake Up Romeo - I love that she rhymes Romeo with Insomnio! 😁



The Wonderful in You:



Pack Up the Loui:






She also did a streamed lockdown concert:


(she had a cold when she did this and her voice became very husky which actually works really well for some of her songs 😅)



And Caro recently shared this concert from 2010:




And also this Pinkpop concert:




These concerts were shared really out of the blue and her merch shop also came back online recently, makes me wonder if she's planning something? 🤔 


I haven't seen her live on stage but I really want to! Both me and my Mum are now big fans and would love to see her back in the UK. 

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A couple of covers that Caro has done.


Perfect Day:









And another full concert, live at Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam 2013:


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I agree with you, @TinyLove_CJ I have loved Caro Emerald for a while. One of her songs was used in a commercial here a few years ago -- it was  A Night Like This. And then I started hearing her everywhere -- even when I went out to dinner in London one night, the restaurant was playing her in an endless loop. Have been listening to her ever since. I think A Night Like This is still one of my favorites of hers.



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21 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

I think it's so cool that you know Caro Emerald. She's a Dutch singer, so obviously I know who she is, but it's nice to know she's also known in the rest of the world.


Both her studio albums did really well here in the UK, 'Deleted Scenes' got to No.4 and 'Shocking Miss Emerald' No.1! I always thought she had number 1 singles in the UK charts too but according to Wikipedia she never did :(


To say her last album is now 9 years old I still hear her music often being played! 🙂

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I thought Caro was going to announce new music last weekend but instead a previously recorded concert has been added to her youtube 🙃


Part 1:



Part 2:



Even though it's not new, still enjoyed it!


She's done a few promo posts recently for her past albums, really hoping she's preparing for a come back! 🙏🏻

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