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2022 - Mika @ Foire aux Vins Colmar, France, 24 July 2022 REPORTS/VIDS/PICS


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Foire aux vins

[Diaporama] Mika, toujours aussi survolté


Mika revenait à Colmar pour la 4e  fois ce dimanche, sur la scène de la Foire aux vins. Le public, chauffé à blanc par Clara Luciani, a immédiatement fait comprendre au chanteur franco-libanais qu’il leur avait manqué depuis son dernier passage en 2013. Le show Mika a récompensé ces années d’attente.


Wine Fair

[Slideshow] Mika, still so excited

Mika returned to Colmar for the 4th time this Sunday, on the stage of the Wine Fair. The public, white-hot by Clara Luciani, immediately made it clear to the Franco-Lebanese singer that they had missed him since his last appearance in 2013. The Mika show rewarded these years of waiting.


11 pics























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Last night was crazy ! I'm totally high...  I will not have the time to make a report later (summer vacations)  so I will tell some random feelings I had through the day. I don't have pics, unfortunately. It appeared my phone don't recognize my finger when he's sweaty. So between try to make it function three time before each pic and enjoying the concert to the fullest... the choice was quick. My parents made videos, though. Post its there later. 


First, I arrived at Colmar around 8a.m and had a beautiful number 15. It started well. I never had such a number at Colmar. Then I waited alone, because like usual I was too shy and socially awkward for tell hi or talk, though I talked a little with some other girls from time to time. I visited the fair some times too, so it wasn't too long. I was in shadow most of the day, so the heat was bearable, fortunately. It was more difficult when we made the queuing under the sun and before the concert. But well, we can endure it for Mika's concert, right ? :) 


I didn't regret it one time, though. I had a first row place, just before the piano, "my" spot since my first concert. (Seriously, I'm ALWAYS before the piano, I don't even mak it on purpose, but I don't complain  :wub2:). This perfect place taken, I felt really tired, and dizzy, like every time before the concert when the stress falls and my body is tired. That's the harder time each time, but I'm used to this moment now,  so I didn't panick and tried to think at something else that my spinning head and I looked at the people who came. I played "Where is Waldo" with my parents as Waldos. They decided to come saturday evening, very quickly. They probably had some of the very last tickets since the show was sold out sunday morning. :lol:


Clara Luciani was nice, a good way to take people in the atmosphere. She had some of her fans, too, fortunately for her, though I liked her performance and participed to it (I know some of her songs, it helps). But of course, I waited Mika more than everything. It was a big joy to see him again, like always, and I found myself jumping like a teenager again. As soon as it started, like magic, I felt wonderfully well and started to dance and sing, forgetting all the world beside him, the music, and the joy. And I never stopped. 

I will not detail the songs. Everybody knows the setlist, it was the same as for the other concerts of this summer. I didn't listen to the live versions of this tour before, though, for keeping it a surprise, so I discovered a lot of things. All was great, from Yo-Yo I heard for the first time in live (this acoustic intro :wub2:), to all the old songs I was happy to hear again like Underwater, (will never have enough of it), Tiny love, love today (always crazy), my dear We are golden, EMD with the fans who could dance on the stage (I hesitated a semi-second too much, but it doesn't make the thing less cool to see and participate at),  Happy ending, always wonderful, with a moment who seemed like a snippet of a new song, I guess it's only a new version, but it seemed really new like that...  I loved every bit of each moment. I think I never appreciated a concert so much. I mean, I was perfectly aware that was real, I didn't have this feeling of unreality, but I was totally in it, like never before. I guess it will be the case everytime now i'm getting used to see Mika in concert. Before, I thought it couldn't become better than the feeling I had when I found myself make my dreams comes true, but finally, it really becomes better. I'm more aware of  what I live, the present moment, have more contact with other fans and Mika. It's the only moments in my life where I can feel insouciant, and thinks only  at the present, only at me enjoying the moment, the music in my ears, Mika before my eyes, and the communion we all had, Mika, his audience, and me. Before the concert, I felt so tired I felt like I would die, and now, I felt more alive than ever. I still feel the positive thing about this feeling now. I FEEL more alive than saturday, more than I never was. Strasbourg's gig in 2020 keeps the first place in my heart, essentially because Mika interacted with me a lot, but this one at Colmar was wonderful for me and probably my second favorite... 


I must say that Mika was really, really in good mood for this concert. He said he was happy to be back here, and honestly, we saw it. He was energetic, playful, and talked a lot. The best thing was the audience was as happy he was there, so it was wild. Normally, people sing on Relax, Elle me dit, and chorus of the other songs, but this time, I had the sensation the 10,000 people were real fans. Seriously, all the theater was crazy, sung and danced continuously. In eight concerts, I never saw an atmosphere like that.Of course, it's probably not the only time there was an audience like that, but it was for me. All the atmosphere became crazy in no time, from the beginning to the end of the concert. Mika had difficulties to quit the stage, there was Yo-Yo remix, all the musicians dancing with Mika who left, came dancing again, and left, and came again, and that three times if I remember correctly. Incredible. 


Like I said, he talked a lot, often for funny things, but there was also this moment before Elle me dit where he talked about his mother, how it was the first time he came at Colmar without here, and how he wanted to thank her friend from Colmar who was there and who helped him at the moment he lost her... It was the first time I saw him like that before me, so I felt moved. It was like a moment out of time in another moment out of time, sad and beautiful at the same time... :(


I danced and enjoyed myself so much that after the concert, I started to walk like a drunk person. Really. There wasn't any difference between me and the people who enjoyed the party at the fair and who were a little drunk. I just couldn't walk normally, had zero balance, a disaster.  I wanted to cry like at the end of every Mika's concerts, but thanks to that, I just laughed, it was so funnily ridiculous... :lol3:

I started to wait for Mika after the concert, but I couldn't wait until the end, because we had too much road. 


I don't know how to say more, it feels like I didn't say half of what I wanted, my heart is still too moved, happy and full, I can't put my thoughts in order correctly. Maybe that's not even a matter of thinking, only a matter of feeling. I'm not good in that before time, and with summer vacations, I'm short of time. But I wanted to write this report (that's my tradition on this forum after all). So, if I remember other things better, I will add them. Anyway that was GREAT, like always, and I feel the PMD coming... and with it, the desire to go at another show, and another... 





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The weather was really hot yesterday but it was worth it, the show was amazing! It was my last festival for this summer and I'm glad it ended in Colmar as the last time was incredible and yesterday's show didn't disappoint!



I took a few vids and some pictures but I prefered enjoying the show :)


My videos:







I will post some of my pics tomorrow but I'm going to try to catch some sleep now :) 

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Foire aux vins Mika, la folie douce gonflée aux ultra-basses


Mika était très attendu par le public colmarien de la Foire aux vins. Et vice-versa. Pendant une heure et demie, le chanteur franco-libanais a offert tout ce qu’on aime voir : de la bonne humeur, de l’énergie, de la folie sympathique et bienveillante. Et une pop surgonflée aux ultra-basses pour une soirée festive à souhait.





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Elle voulait parler à Mika avant de devenir sourde : Florine a réalisé son rêve


Elle avait lancé un SOS dans nos colonnes pour rencontrer Mika, son idole, avant de devenir sourde.

Florine, une jeune fille de Wolfgantzen, a pu voir le chanteur avant le concert qu’il a donné dimanche à la Foire aux vins.



She wanted to talk to Mika before becoming deaf: Florine realized her dream

She had launched an SOS in our columns to meet Mika, her idol, before becoming deaf.

Florine, a young girl from Wolfgantzen, was able to see the singer before the concert he gave on Sunday at the Wine Fair.





Some articles about Florine


May 2022


February 2020


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Posted (edited)

France 3

JT 19/20 - Alsace

Grand Est Émission du dimanche 24 juillet 2022






A part of Mika fans ( 480p / 4.9 MB )




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Here are my videos:

Talk for Lollipop intro:

Confetti heart balloon for OOL :wub2:

Short talk during OOL:

Talk before Big Girl:

Talk before Tiny Love, part 1:

Talk before Tiny Love, part 2:

Talk during Relax:


Talk before BBB, quoting the song "Too darn hot" by Cole Porter  from the musical "Kiss me Kate":

"But when the thermometer goes way up
And the weather is sizzling hot
Mister Pants for romance is not
Cause it’s too too too darn hot" :naughty:


Talk & acoustic first part of Yoyo:

Underwater talk / lights / crowd singing:

Happy Ending improvisation:

Talk before Elle me dit:

Talk before Grace Kelly:

End of show / Yoyo remix dance pt 1 (with Wouter getting Mika's crown :teehee:):

Yoyo remix dance pt 2:

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I finally decided to write a little report since it was my first Mika concert and a very special day indeed!

I took my best friend who was not a Mika fan (yet!) so I thought making her wait in line all day is a bit much. We ended up quite far in the back but the view was really good and we were very happy there.

The concert itself was just phenomenal!! He was radiating energy into every little corner of that theatre and the entire audience was completely engaged from start to finish. I can confirm what @Presci1108 said about the atmosphere being incredible, everyone was having so much fun. And he seemed really touched at the end.

I also thought the reactions of my friend, who had only heard a few of his songs but never seen him, were hilarious. We were like two songs in when she said "Im a fan too now" and afterwards she kept saying how positively surprised she was and how she loved his "freaky dancing" :D




I'll add a couple short videos too just so you can get an impression of what it was like from that perspective:



Also what was that octave jump during Love Today when he sings "now you know she's getting something other than the love from her mother"?? Don't think I've ever heard that before and I'm obsessed!






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I had heard many good things about Colmar and how Mika enjoyed performing at this festival, so as soon as the tickets were available, I decided to go. 


Having been at Carcassonne two days prior, my heart was still full of melody and memory. So you can imagine my little happy hop in my stride as I was approaching the venue to queue. 


Oh the queue, I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful it is to queue with familiar faces that I had the chance to get to know better. But also to see new faces. We come from so many different backgrounds, so many languages spoken and so many different walks of life: it is beautiful that we unite before that stage of our favourite artist. Communion of spirit is a word often used. But I feel it every time, starting from queueing.


The first artist Clara Luciana was a very positive surprise. I had seen her perform at the recording of The Voice final 2022, but I wasn’t aware of her music. She is very interactive with the audience and I loved her 80’s styling. She was a joy to watch.


Then….drumroll…..MIKA! From the very first note to the last, the audience was engaged. Remember him being absolutely elated during the first note in the Roundhouse, when the entire audience sang along? Same thing happened here. My heart took a leap, I was so excited for both him and us. 


My first Mika gig I remember staying still and just being stunned and took it all in quietly. But nowadays I dance, I jump, I sing (scream!). How can you not?! And I guess he noticed: at the end of Elle Me Dit, he invited a few people on stage to dance with him. I was one of them!! 


Colmar was going to be my last summer gig. To conclude the summer gigs like this, to be on stage with Mika himself and my newfound friends, was just perfect. 


Mika was absolutely on fire in Colmar. I have seen him 6 times in the last 6 weeks. Every gig is different, every venue has its own story and Mika is absolutely fantastic every time. To be able to create a show with its own individual charm every single time, it’s amazing to see. 


He said in the Francopholies interview that he wishes for his eyes, his mind and his heart to be open at every gig. I have seen it and I have felt it. And I think this is exactly what makes him remarkable and unique. 

I don’t have many videos, but I see many pics and videos have been shared already. This small snippet of a video is from @tiibet, it’s the moment I am on stage and dance my heart out: 


If anyone wants to know if I fainted when he picked me: no! I was surprised myself! :lol3: But as @Herohas noticed: as soon as I get on stage, I do hide….behind the smallest person there: a little girl who later was invited to dance with Mika on the piano. She was very insecure and I kept encouraging her that she was doing great (I’m such a mum :facepalm:). 
Later I found out she is the daughter of one of the people working backstage: I saw her drive by with her (presumably) mum from the backstage exit when we were waiting for Mika. She gave me a shy smile when she drove away, it was very cute. 

Unfortunately I was too far away to hear Mika speak when he stopped over to talk to fans while he was sitting in the car. But it was just nice to know he said bye, it was a perfect ending of an amazing evening! 

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Hello! I'm looking for a video of the small talk at the beginning of Ice Cream, if anybody has filmed it or knows where to find it... Thanks :)

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